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Guest star weighs in on sequel opportunities

With each passing year, more viewers search for the 2014 genre film Guest, which means more and more viewers are wondering why we haven’t got a sequel to that open-ended narrative yet. It’s not the only fans wondering why we haven’t got a follow-up yet, as star Maika Munro also recently pondered over her confusion over the film not getting a sequel. The good news for both Monroe and fans is that director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett collaborated to develop a soundtrack for a fictional sequel, with the pair noting that the project sparked more enthusiasm in the pursuit of a full sequel. ignited.

When Hollywood Reporter Asked Monroe if she was surprised that the film hadn’t earned a sequel yet, she explained, “Yes and no. I mean, I’m surprised because I think the film was so successful. The ending, One in particular, is so iconic and so fun, and it felt like the setup for more. But knowing Adam, I feel like he enjoys leaving it that way, so I don’t know if he’s the one. Whether the second will do or not. We will have to see.”

The sequel soundtrack was released on April 1, leading some to wonder if it was all an elaborate April Fools’ prank. The filmmakers noted that, while the film was not real, the soundtrack was conceptualized, with the track titles echoing how they envisioned a sequel. After that project was released, Wingard admitted that he felt inspired to pursue a live-action continuation of the film.

“It’s really pushed me and Simon into a creative headspace. We’re talking about developing a possible sequel as a real project,” Wingard shared Empire Magazine“Would love to do it,” notes that star Dan Stevens.

Complicating matters is that both Wingard and Barrett have become engaged in recent years, with the pair both developing a Thunder Cats Reboot film and 1997 sequel encounter,

“Maybe the more interesting thing isn’t doing the sequel GuestThe filmmaker admitted. “Maybe it’s doing a limited series, something we can really sink our teeth into.”

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Guest,

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