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Guest director says sequel soundtrack could result in actual follow-up project

Guest director says sequel soundtrack could result in actual follow-up project

in the years after Guest was released, it has been building a passionate following on various streaming services, with its open-ended fans hoping a follow-up adventure could one day take shape. Earlier this year, director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett collaborated to develop a soundtrack for a fictional sequel to the film, which featured some of the story plans they might look into in pursuit of a sequel. Wingard acknowledged that this collaboration has ignited more creative interest. To make them really develop some sort of follow-up. Wingard also noted that a follow-up could potentially be a limited series as opposed to a feature film.

“It’s really pushed me and Simon into a creative headspace. We’re talking about developing a possible sequel as a real project,” Wingard shared Empire MagazineConsidering that star Dan Stevens “would love to do it.”

Wingard and Barrett were the fan-favorite genre directors when they developed Guestdistributing movies to the audience like v/h/s And you’re next Only the audience is not passionate about it GuestWingard expressed how much the project meant to him personally.

“It’s probably my favorite film I’ve made,” he admitted. “It felt like the most I was able to project myself into.”

Last year, Wingard gave the audience the much-awaited sequel godzilla vs kong, easily his biggest film of all time. Seeing the success of that film, he has been associated with many other projects, such as a Thunder Cats film and a new encounter, the latter is written by Barrett. The attention and enthusiasm Wingard has earned in recent years could see him pivoting to a new take Guest In a different medium that will have more opportunities for storytelling.

“Maybe the more interesting thing isn’t doing the sequel GuestThe filmmaker admitted. “Maybe it’s doing a limited series, something we can really sink our teeth into.”

Writer Barrett, however, previously teased that a follow-up story would potentially defy all audience expectations.

“So I’m likely to pervert something, and just Dan’s character happens to be a successful owner of a local hardware store and the whole story is just about him working with a tough supplier, but completely legal and In a healthy way, because he’s fully grown as a person,” the author shared with ComicBook.com last year. “And so, in a sense, I think Isolation was trying to be a slightly more optimistic version of the same narrative that you are next And Guest To some extent explored with their characters. So, we’re never going to do that, guest 2, Because I don’t think… Guest Just never meant to make a sequel like this. However, at this point, enough people have asked us about it, of course, Adam and I have had enough conversations about what we would hypothetically do, that we have now developed a set of ideas from which we Very attached to it because we think they are really good.”

Stay tuned for details on a possible sequel to Guest,

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