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Green Hornet and Kato Movie Eyes Invisible Man Director Leigh Whannell

on development Green Hornet and Bite The film is on and the project has potentially taken a huge step forward. time limit This brings word that filmmaker Leigh Whannell, who revived The Invisible Man in 2020 to critical acclaim and huge box office (in addition to creating several horror franchises like saw And Cheat), is in talks for a new film. By trade, Universal Pictures (which collaborated with Whannell on the HG Wells update) has been meeting with directors for “the past few weeks,” but has won the job after the filmmaker threw his name into the mix.

Screenwriter David Koep Spider Man And Jurassic Park Fame penned the screenplay for the new look at the classic characters, which Deadline claims the studio is “on high”. Pre-production on the film will be fast-tracked as soon as a deal with Whannell is concluded. It was previously announced back in 2020 that a new feature film featuring the character was in the works when former Marvel Studios head Michael Helfant announced that his Amasia Entertainment banner had secured the rights to the character. In addition to this new film, Kevin Smith is also developing a Green Hornet animated series.

The Green Hornet first debuted in 1936 at the opening of the radio program “The Green Hornet”, where it played as a companion to The Lone Ranger Show (the two characters were later reunited to be related). In the context of the series, the protagonist is Brit Reed, publisher of The Green Hornet newspaper, who spends his nights with his sidekick/driver Kato terrorizing the city’s criminals with his ex-Batmobile supercar The Black Beauty. By Day Reid uses his publishing skills to portray his alter-ego as a wanted criminal, building on the myth of his alter-ego.

Following his success on the radio, the character made the leap to comics in the 1940s and was still being published by Dynamite two years earlier. He then jumped to the big screen appearing in two sets of film serials in the same year. The Green Hornet reached the peak of its popularity when it debuted on television in the 1960s, starring Van Williams as the titular hero and the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee as Kato.

Hollywood first tried to make green rush A major player on the big screen with the 2011 reboot starring and co-written by Seth Rogen. The Sony-produced film failed to set the box office on fire domestically, grossing $98 million in the US on a $120 million budget. Since that film was released, other studios have attempted to follow suit with Paramount announcing in 2016 that they were developing a gritty take on the material. accountant Filmmaker Gavin O’Connor is set to direct. The property rights expired before that version was exposed to the cameras.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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