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Firestarter writer reveals prologue sequence cut from film

Firestarter writer reveals prologue sequence cut from film

Stephen Kings. latest version of fire starter In the works over the years, a variety of filmmakers have been involved in efforts to bring the project to life, meaning that various plans for adaptation have been changed or scrapped entirely during that development process. Is. While Rainbird’s character has earned a mysterious backstory in the story’s backstory, this year’s reboot writer Scott Thames recently confirmed that a version of the film includes a prologue that sheds light on the figure, though It was cut from the project due to budgetary constraints. fire starter in theaters and on May 13 on Peacock.

“Well, over the course of about six years and three directors, there are a lot of different things that come in and out of the script,” Thames shared with ComicBook.com about abandoned story ideas. “Each director would bring his own vision for it, his own ideas for the scenes, the stories. I wrote several different ones. Basically it was this proposal of Rainbird in the Peruvian Mountains, Killing Someone. I ran the gamut. Joe Was a good idea, but then it was like, ‘Oh yeah, we’re making a little film. I forgot about it.'”

He continued, “And so every director, from Akiva Goldsman to Fatih Akin to Keith Thomas, had their own idea of ​​what it could be. And my job was to ride that wave. And so what was cool was the final product.” Everyone had ideas, really, and a lot of each director’s ideas were saved and collected, and then Keith took it and made it his vision. But my job was just to keep us on track. Each new piece of ideas The set would come and I was just trying to keep us on the right track.”

A major component of this proceeds fire starter It’s that viewers are only given information absolutely essential to the story, which means we don’t need to know Rainbird’s history to understand just how dangerous she is in this adventure. Likewise, it also means that there is a lot of storytelling potential that a follow-up film could possibly explore.

new fire starter described, “For more than a decade, parents Andy (Zac Efron; extremely wicked, shockingly evil and loathsome; the greatest showman) and Vicky (Sydney Lemon; Fear the Walking Dead, Succession) his daughter Charlie (Ryan Keira Armstrong; American Horror Story: Double Feature, The Tomorrow War) from an obscure federal agency that wants to use its phenomenal gift to cause fire to a weapon of mass destruction. Andy teaches Charlie how to deactivate his power, which stems from anger or pain. But as Charlie turns 11, the fire gets harder and harder to control. The family’s location is revealed after an incident, a mysterious operative (Michael Greyes; Wild Indian, Rutherford Falls) is deployed to hunt down the family and capture Charlie forever. Charlie has other plans.”

fire starter Peacock and will hit the theaters on May 13.

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