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Firestarter Remake: First clip released

Firestarter Remake: First clip released

This weekend, Stephen King’s fire starter Getting yet another screen customization. Zac Efron Stars in Updated Take On fire starter, nearly 40 years after the original hit theaters. The new take, from director Keith Thomas, will hit theaters later this week and will be made available to stream on Peacock the same day. Ahead of the hybrid launch, Blumhouse and Universal have partnered with IMDb to release the first full clip from the film.

in fire starter The clip, which you can watch below, shows Efron’s Andy McGee doing his best to save his powerful young daughter, Charlie. As Andy tries to talk to the man holding him at knifepoint, Charlie’s powers begin to reveal themselves. You can watch the clip in the video below!

fire starter The book remains a popular and influential Stephen King book, so much so that it is now on its second feature film adaptation. Fans obviously want to see something that faithfully represents the book and the first film, but a new film also has to stand on its own. That was the challenge Keith Thomas faced when he took over the project.

Thomas told ComicBook, “When I first signed it, I had read the script and I knew the book, I had read the book many times. I had seen the original film countless times, and so I knew the story.” ” Patrick Kavanaugh of .com in an exclusive interview. “And so when I read [Scott] Teams script, I saw what he was doing, the changes he was making, the interesting way he was taking it. And I thought it was very appealing.”

He continued, “For me, the novel is in print, it’s always around. Everyone can read it at any time and get that story. Because of the 1984 film beats and the way the plot operates. Very close to the book in terms. And I thought it exists, it’s amazing, it’s an amazing blu-ray that anyone can buy and watch. I want to make something that’s a little different that’s the same story Let’s be a remix, it’s a slightly different direction in terms of just saying it, and it gives me a chance, I don’t want to say that to put my mark on it, but it’s more of a point of view I think Speaks to myself as a filmmaker and the stories I want to tell.”

fire starter In theaters on May 13 and comes to Peacock.

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