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Exorcist reboot writer reveals vision for upcoming film

Exorcist reboot writer reveals vision for upcoming film

Back in 2018, filmmaker David Gordon Green gave audiences a new entry Halloween The franchise, which served as a continuation of the original 1978, revived interest in the concept as a whole, leading to new takes on both. Hellraiser And the Exorcist, In the latter case, Green is listed. halloween kills Co-writer Scott Thames will help develop the story for the new the Exorcist, Teams recently detailed how he and the rest of the team behind the project aimed to capture the horror of the original film. Teams latest movie, fire starterPeacock and hits theaters on May 13.

“It’s a different animal Halloween The way it’s honored in a different way,” Teems detailed to ComicBook.com. “They’re both massively successful and massively popular movies, but there’s something about it. the Exorcist That, for whatever reason, people see it as more of a ‘movie’ than a ‘movie’, or whatever you want to call it. I feel more pressure inside the ExorcistBut me too, at the end of the day, we all vowed not to tell this story unless we can tell it in a way that we feel honored.”

He continued, “So we were breaking down the story and trying to understand it thoroughly before any deal is done. Before we try to make a deal or find out the rights, we want to make sure wanted a story out there we could figure out. So that was our initial COVID project, every Friday morning during the start of COVID in early 2020 we would meet on Zoom, me and David and Danny [McBride], Jason Blum, and we would pitch ideas and we would toss ideas around and I would go and write and David would go and write and we would come back together and pitch ideas and spent a few months doing that. And then we found this story we were excited about and presented it. So it wasn’t until we were really sure… we didn’t want to do it for the sake of it. We knew it had to be something we all believed in. And we did, we found it.”

while the original the Exorcist Earning several sequels, it was most recently adapted as a TV series that ran for two seasons.

new fire starter described, “For more than a decade, parents Andy (Zac Efron; extremely wicked, shockingly evil and loathsome; the greatest showman) and Vicky (Sydney Lemon; Fear the Walking Dead, Succession) his daughter Charlie (Ryan Keira Armstrong; American Horror Story: Double Feature, The Tomorrow War) from an obscure federal agency that wants to use its phenomenal gift to cause fire to a weapon of mass destruction. Andy teaches Charlie how to deactivate his power, which stems from anger or pain. But as Charlie turns 11, the fire gets harder and harder to control. The family’s location is revealed after an incident, a mysterious operative (Michael Greyes; Wild Indian, Rutherford Falls) is deployed to hunt down the family and capture Charlie forever. Charlie has other plans.”

Stay tuned for new information the Exorcist, fire starter Peacock and hits theaters on May 13.

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