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Evil Dead director Sam Raimi hints at potential horror return

Evil Dead director Sam Raimi hints at potential horror return

Filmmaker Sam Raimi is giving audiences what is arguably his greatest film of all time Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, although it was his early forays into low-budget horror that earned him a passionate following, with the director teasing that he wanted to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe film and return to the genre filmmaking. He said he didn’t necessarily want to go back to the no-budget experience, like eval deadWhich came with many challenges, but still something more like an intimate thriller which he has given to the audience on several occasions.

“I would not like to go back to the earlier budget eval dead,Raimi revealed /thin crust, “I mean, he was brutal. He was extremely difficult. But I’d like to make something whose shape gift either a simple plan, those small budget movies that are just about characters and adventure. An intense short horror film would be great.”

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Raimi’s acclaim was definite and steadily rising, though never reaching the level of blockbuster status. That all changed in 2002, however, when the director first gave Spider Man The film, which was in many ways a cinematic game-changer.

while 2000’s X Men was a success, it was Raimi’s Spider Man It really proved how effective a Marvel movie can be on the big screen, with DC Comics characters previously having the only major box office success. Certainly the wall-crawler was already a part of pop culture at the time, but the 2002 film took both the character and Marvel to new heights. This led to the development of a barrage of Marvel movies, eventually leading to the birth of the MCU. iron Man in 2008.

Another experiment that Raimi helped prove Spider Man Was it that studios didn’t have to hire filmmakers well versed in blockbusters to tackle major projects, as it was directing sensibilities that carried more weight than had previously experienced on large-scale projects. Filmmakers such as James Gunn, Taika Waititi, Joe and Anthony Russo, Chloe Zhao, Ryan Coogler, and Jon Watts will follow in Raimi’s footsteps with their leap to superhero stories after proving their talents on a smaller scale.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Now in cinemas.

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