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Emma Roberts says she will return to the franchise

immediately after the fifth the Scream The film was released, the sixth installment was announced. The upcoming film will reportedly leave the city of Woodsboro and see the characters go up against a new ghostface in New York. Most of the survivors of the fifth film will return except for longtime franchise star, Courteney Cox. However, Neve Campbell would not return as Sidney Prescott due to salary disagreements. While many fans are disappointed with the Nev news, there will be a long-awaited return and that is scream 4Hayden Panettiere. As Panettiere gears up for his second outing of the franchise, it has raised questions about another potential scream 4 Return: Emma Roberts. During a recent conversation with dread centralRoberts said he is ready to return to the franchise.

“Maybe I’ll go back the Screami feel like i’m not done the ScreamRoberts shared when asked which horror franchise she would love to be in.

As for Campbell, the star recently said in a statement about not returning for a sixth film: “Sadly, I won’t be making the next film. the Scream movie,” she confirmed time limit, “As a woman, I’ve had to work very hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to the ScreamShe further added, “I felt that the offer that was presented to me was not at par with the value that I have brought to the franchise. Moving on has been a very difficult decision. all mine the Scream Fans, I love you. You have always been so incredibly helpful to me. I am forever grateful to you for everything this franchise has given me over the last 25 years.”

With Campbell not returning and David Arquette’s Davy killed off in this year’s sequel, Cox is poised to be the only star from the original film to appear in the upcoming film. However, with newcomers like Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Mason Gooding and Jasmine Savoy Brown returning, it’s possible that Gayle will earn only minimal screen time.

“I didn’t die so yes you’ll see me,” confirms Cox Diversity, “Gail is too strong. She can never be [die]But who knows!”

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stay tuned for details scream 6,

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Reference from comicbook.com

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