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Emily Bett Records’ new comedy will hold an early screening for fans with Q&A

Emily Bett Records' new comedy will hold an early screening for fans with Q&A

we need to talkstarring a new comedy arrowof Emily Bett Records, is coming to digital from a global digital release this May, and will give fans a chance to watch it early with a live Q&A with the cast. The film is a comedy set in the worlds of gaming and influencers, starring James Maslow (huge crowd), Krystle Khalil (who won a Daytime Emmy the young and the Restless), Jonathan Fernandez (gossip Girl), Tre Chani (wire), and a long list of cameos by real-world gamers and influencers. This is from writer/director Todd Wolfe, who is the director of the upcoming film adultland,

Wolf said in a statement that he hopes to invoke the same feelings as the love they grew up in, including those of John Hughes, Harold Ramis and John Landis. fans can get tickets May 12 screening here,

“Basically, we need to talk Wolfe said in a press release, “A romantically influenced coming-of-age comedy that focuses on the Great Scott … billy madison And tommy boy, we need to talk There’s an underlying heartbeat that matches the tempo with sometimes raw, locker-room-style humour.”

we need to talkThe “Legion” of cameos includes Clementinator, Dubdotdubby, Secret_LionGids, GlitterExplosion, HipHopGamer, Alexr and Frokonophoto. You can watch a trailer below.

“The script was inspired by my personal experiences working for a narcissistic YouTuber and experiencing the self-indulgence and delusions that surround the social media arena,” Wolff said. “With my fondness for playing video games at two o’clock on an average Tuesday, I had become more obsessed with my work than my personal relationships. I wondered if these varied situations could make for an interesting story and It may be as humorous to the audience as they will become to me. Hopefully, they are, and the film invokes laughter, warmth and appreciation at all the right moments.”

Here is the official synopsis for the film:

Scott is a self-absorbed online video-game influencer who talks to millions of fans every day, but he can’t (or won’t) communicate with those people. He remains blissfully unaware that she is the problem until one morning, as he is walking out the door, his girlfriend Allie tells him, “We need to talk.” Her comments send Scott spiraling into a day-long tail as he seeks wisdom, advice, and emotional support from his social media network friends, Internet trolls, and myriad online characters from around the world.

we need to talk Premieres on digital platforms from Global Digital Release on 13 May. The public is also invited to a special screening of the film in which they can interact with the cast, view never-before-seen footage and receive merchandise.

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