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Dwayne Johnson pays tribute to his wife and mother on Mother’s Day

Dwayne Johnson pays tribute to his wife and mother on Mother's Day

What would Mother’s Day be without a pair of sentimental posts from Dwayne Johnson? black adam The star is never afraid to express himself, always presenting his authentic self in his various social media posts. Mother’s Day is a special time for families to come together or send special messages to their loved ones. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does exactly that, posting two separate videos dedicated to his wife Lauren Hashian and mother Ata Maivia Johnson. It’s a little different from the Mother’s Day content Johnson’s Red Notice costar Ryan Reynolds recently released for his Aviation Gin.

First up for Lauren Hashian is Dwayne Johnson’s Mother’s Day post. The video shows Lauren singing a song, with one daughter attempting to provide backup vocals, while the other is hanging on the edge of the window. Playing the guitar is singer/songwriter John Akapo, based in Honolulu, HI. “The voice of an angel and Happy Mother’s Day @laurenhashianofficial ️ the woman who exemplifies the strength, grace, beauty, love, joy, laughter and spirit of our Ohna” wrote Johnson. “The way our little ones admire, love and respect you is so inspiring for me to witness and imbibe. What an example you have set to be a wonderful mother and a beautiful human being. Happy Enjoy Mamas Day and love and celebrate. We love you ️ d, j, t & h xo”

Last but certainly not least is Johnson’s Mother’s Day post for his mother. This is another musical performance, except this time with Johnson and Ata singing a tune while Ata plays the guitar. The Hollywood star shared, “I’m grateful for the GMOAT. Greatest mama ever ️”. “Happy Mother’s Day @atajohnson! If we were together now and I was toasting you I would get emo trying to find the words. So, all I would say is… Thank you. For everything. My life. More Enriching the lives of our entire Ohana and especially, your three granddaughters. I love you, Happy Mother’s Day and I will always sing with you, even though I sing in keys that don’t exist ️🎶 #gmoat #marrock”

In addition to sharing Mother’s Day greetings, Dwayne Johnson also posted a new behind-the-scenes photo of Black Adam. Teasing an “intense” week of production as director Jaime Colette-Serra’s DC Films flick continued the “finishing touches” with a round of resumes, Johnson added a white-faced portrayal of its muscle-fighting hero. Shown a dark image. The hashtags “protector of the people” and “man in black”.

black adam Debuts exclusively in theaters on October 21.

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