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Monday, August 15, 2022

Dragon Ball Super creator shares Piccolo’s official art and new looks from Cell

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dragon ball super Japan has welcomed its latest film, and fans around the world won’t take long to see what’s in return. after all, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Revisiting some of the biggest moments of the franchise promised, and its producer Akira Toriyama kept a close eye on all of the film’s twists. And just weeks after its debut, the makers have pulled back some major spoilers about the film.

So, you have been warned! Major spoilers below Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, proceed with caution.

If you didn’t know, dragon ball super It has a new film in theaters overseas, and Japanese fans are still flocking to see the film. Toriyama is now celebrating the successful return of the anime with two gifts for attendees. for the spectators Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero In theaters right now, you’ll find one of two prints drawn by Toriyama, and they reveal some big spoilers from the film’s finale.

As you can see above, the first print on the left shows Piccolo and his new giant transformation. Not only is the protagonist stressed in this shot, but he tops his purple-red gi. With new brows and jawline, Piccolo looks absolutely awesome in this orange look, and that’s power used dragon ball super When the villains make their return to take Cell.

The second print by Toriyama sheds light on the villain and his second coming courtesy of the Red Ribbon Army. The cell here appears to be a mixture of forms as it is shaking up the perfect and imperfect features. Of course, fans can see that Sail 2.0 has a special color scheme for all their red accents, and that’s not the only big difference here. Cell has some kind of constriction on its tail, and Baddie’s hands are also covered with some sort of purple glove.

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Obviously, these two forms have been left out of the official promo, but Toriyama begins to break down the gates that have protected his film’s spoilers. By the time Crunchyroll plans to distribute, audiences around the world will be seeing these variants for the first time. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero globally this summer. So if you’re out of state, you can expect it to return to theaters this August.

What do you think about the first official promo of these forms? are you excited to see dragon ball superNew movie in theaters? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB,

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Reference from comicbook.com

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