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Dragon Ball Super Creator Finally Settles Viral Gohan and Piccolo Theory

producer of dragon ball super Gohan is clarifying a long-running debate about Piccolo and the nature of their relationship. Akira Toriyama is doing some press as the latest dragon ball super Movies, Dragon Ball Super: Super HeroOpens in Japanese cinemas. super hero is the first time in dragon ball super The franchise that’s getting Gohan and Piccolo to take center stage – plus we’ve seen Gohan wearing Piccolo’s colors (purple GI) since he was a kid dragon ball gThe story arc of Cell Games.

what are the fans talking about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Will do to uncover the relationship between Gohan and Piccolo. Well, Akira Toriyama has thoughts to share:

“Gohan has always had a strong bond with Piccolo, ever since he was trained with him as a young child. And Videl and Pan likewise think of Piccolo as a member of a family than they would any other.” more than I can trust.”

Toriyama discusses how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero There’s actually a story that focuses on Gohan and the enormous potential force he commands. This is the story of Gohan harnessing his potential that needed to contain Piccolo:

Toriyama explains, “Gohan is actually stronger than anyone … or so it is said, but he hasn’t had a chance to shine until recently.” “To inspire Gohan, he takes on his respected teacher Piccolo instead of his father, Goku.”

(Photo: Toei Animations)

Dragon Ball The fandom never stopped debating what Toriyama intended with the subtext of the Gohan-Piccolo relationship. Piccolo wasn’t officially named or recognized as the surrogate father for Gohan, but that’s certainly the function Piccolo served on the series — and a lot of fans have attested to that fact. It’s only become an issue because dragon ball super Goku has observed that Goku continues to go and fight across the universe, timeline, and multiverse – all while neglecting his family, and especially his relationship with his son.

When dragon ball super Checking in with Gohan during the Tournament of Power Arc, Piccolo was still a huge influence on the boy – but Goku got a rare moment of shine, training, and sparring with Gohan before the tournament began. Still, it seemed that too little was too late: in the minds of so many Dragon Ball Fans (and of course those who make memes), Piccolo is actually Gohan’s true father.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Now in Japanese cinemas.

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