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Dragon Ball Super Artist Shares What He Learned From ‘Super Hero’

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has already arrived in theaters in Japan earlier this summer and will do the same around the world this month. The actors behind the film with a greater focus on Gohan and Piccolo rather than Goku and Vegeta dragon ball super Manga shared his thoughts on the film. In a recent interview, Mangaka Toyotaro not only expressed his love for the film but also shared the lessons learned from the film that brought back the Red Ribbon Army.

Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama work together when it comes to dragon ball super manga, with prior writing and asking the series’ original creator for input, depicting the adventures of the Z-Fighters. When it comes to Granola the Survivor arc, for example, the latest story in the Shnen series, Toriyama assisted in the construction of the heater and came up with ideas for how the arc would play out, while Toyotaro came up with ideas of his own. had come . As it stands, there’s no indication where the Shonen Jump series will go after the Granola arc, though we’d think so. super hero may have some impact on the future of Dragon Ball across the board.

Toyotaro had this to say when it comes to lessons learned super hero,

“I went to watch it several times to get to know Sensei’s way of thinking and how he tells the story. I find that aspect fascinating and the way the story is put together is also very interesting. The jokes and his The timing is hilarious. I think I still have a lot to learn if I am to be able to write jokes like this. So, I think my favorite part of the film is how much I learned from it.”

with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Knocking out in theaters in North America this month, the creative minds behind the film have already confirmed that the next animated project in the world of Z-Fighters is in the works. Currently, however, there is no news about the return of the television series, which kicked off with the conclusion of the tournament of Power Ark in 2017.

Are you excited to learn from? Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero When will it hit theaters later this month? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me straight on Twitter @EVComedy to chat about all things comics, anime and the world Dragon Ball,

Via the official Dragon Ball website

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