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Doctor Strange Star Benedict Cumberbatch “Will Love to Have Scene” Deleted Iron Strange Scene

Doctor Strange Star Benedict Cumberbatch "Will Love to Have Scene" Deleted Iron Strange Scene

What if… Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) swap superhero suits? Somewhere in the Infinite Marvel Multiverse, there is a version of Avengers: Infinity War Where Stephen Strange wears Iron Man armor – transforming the magician into Iron Strange to protect him from the piercing magic of Ebony Maw (Tom Vaughan-Lawler) of the Black Order. infinity war Co-writers Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely reveal the first on-set image of the amalgamation comic bookShowing Cumberbatch wearing Strange’s sensitive Cloak of Levitation in Iron Man’s Mark L armor and Downey’s Tony Stark.

Thoughts on Swapping Outfit While Campaigning Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessCumberbatch said bbc radio 1 He Was “Slightly” Disappointed The Iron Strange Scene Never Made It To The Final Cut infinity war,

“we were both [disappointed],” Cumberbatch said of co-star Downey. “It took a long time to put those different costumes together (laughs). It was an amazing moment… I mean, having a little bit of that outerwear on you, it’s very, very, very cool. I’d love to see what a combination of wizardry and technology would do as well. bring it on.”

Strange’s concept art after a Marvel Studios artbook revealed the concept of suiting himself up as Iron Man to save himself from Maw’s “magical needle torture”, Marcus and McFly reported. comic book Alternate versions of the scene were “too terrifying” – and too long – to keep. In the finished film, it is Stark and the armored Spider-Man (Tom Holland) who rescue Strange on Maw’s Q-Ship.

“An early script idea that didn’t make it into the final film was a hybrid of the Iron Man Mk 50 suit and Dr Strange,” explained conceptual artist Phil Saunders. artstation, “To save Strange from Maw’s magical needle torture, Tony transfers his suit onto her. I imagined that the Eye of Agamoto would have replaced Tony’s RT and powered the suit, a move around it. The sigil will be burned. Later in the scene, Tony finds Strange’s cloak, leading to a bizarre team-up.”

Strange had another brush with Iron Man Doctor Strange 2: Screenwriter Michael Waldron recently revealed a multiversal film weighing in, including an alternate Iron Man portrayed by Tom Cruise, whose interest in the character predates the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That thought never made it past, “What if?”

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Xochital Gomez with Michael Stuhlberg, and Rachel McAdams, Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Now playing in cinemas only.

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