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Doctor Strange 2 writer reveals the truth behind Tom Cruise cameo rumors

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marvel latest movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, distributed on some popular cameos that fans were asking about and theorizing about them. One cameo that didn’t happen was Tom Cruise appearing as Tony Stark from another universe, despite several online rumors suggesting it. It is now widely known that Cruise was previously a finalist to play Tony Stark in Iron Man, which eventually went to Robert Downey Jr.

Later Doctor Strange 2 Tom Cruise arrived in theaters without a cameo, with some people online to suggest that a scene with Impossible Goal The star was left on the cutting room floor. It did not happen. Screenwriter Michael Waldron spoke with Rolling stone About the Cruise rumors, and he confirmed that the cameo never went beyond internal talks at Marvel.

“Yeah, it was totally made up. I mean, there’s no cut footage of Tom Cruise,” Waldron confirmed. “But I love Tom Cruise, and I said [Marvel Studios president] kevin [Feige] At one point, I was like, can we have Tom Cruise’s Iron Man? i remember reading about it isn’t it good news Back in the day, Tom Cruise was going to be Iron Man.”

Waldron went on to say that he definitely wanted to try to get Cruise in the film, but the actors were filming back-to-back Impossible Goal Movies. “Due to availability,” according to Waldron, “it was never an option.”

Tom Cruise Tony Stark Wasn’t Part of the Illuminati Doctor Strange, but the group was filled with many exciting characters, which shocked a lot of fans. Waldron was surprised that Marvel allowed such a major team-up.

“The final lineup in that group is beyond my wildest dreams we could have achieved,” the writer said. “I never dreamed we’d be able to do that. But the lineup is closer, I think, to what I originally had in my first draft, which was: ‘Well, I know it’s really This cannot be.’ And then it got closer to that. It was just a moving target of who’s available and who’s right. It became, ‘Okay, if you’re putting together an Illuminati, who’s really going to need it? ‘ You’ll have people with certain power sets. And we tried to live up to what kind of characters were represented in the Illuminati in the comics.”

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