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Doctor Strange 2 writer progresses with Kevin Feige on Star Wars movie

Doctor Strange 2 writer progresses with Kevin Feige on Star Wars movie

Marvel has been keeping writer Michael Waldron busy lately, working on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s important projects Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Waldron (best known for his work on the animated series Rick and Morty) helped Marvel Studios jump into the wild world of the Marvel Multiverse, but he stayed in the Star Wars franchise to continue working under the Disney banner. are also working. Mystery project being undertaken by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. In his post-release interview Doctor Strange 2Waldron also addressed where things stand with Feige’s star wars Movies:

“We are finally in earnest, Waldron told variety, “I mean, I’m writing away. It’s a lot of fun. I’m enjoying the freedom to do something that doesn’t necessarily have to be a sequel or anything. There’s probably a little bit less to it — it just does’ I don’t have a bunch of TV shows and movies serving you on top of it the way I did Doctor Strange, So that’s good. It feels like a different exercise.”

There’s no indication as to what kind of Star Wars movie Feige and Waldron is in the works. Just getting confirmation that it was a movie was a challenge – there were no leaks regarding where in the new franchise timeline it is set, or what the subject matter would be, or which set of characters (and/or new). Is. or installed) Feige and Waldron will play along. The project was first reported back in 2019, and Waldron’s involvement was confirmed in 2021.

The Feige Star Wars film is one of Lucasfilm’s many suspenseful film projects. Thor: Love and Thunder With director Taika Waititi working on his own Star Wars film, little is similarly known. A Rogue Squadron film (based on the popular Rebel X-Wing flying team and game adaptation) was announced, with Wonder Woman directing Patty Jenkins; That plan was disrupted due to scheduling conflicts, and it is now unclear what the status quo is. Rogue Squadron was scheduled for release in 2023.

to like star trek, star wars TV seems to have entered a phase where TV franchises have real fertile ground. The Mandalorian is a no-hits success that spawned an entire Star Wars TV shared universe. So while we wait for these movies, obi wan, internal management and, Feeling, retainer And there are other series coming in the pipeline with some really exciting content.

Doctor Strange 2 is in theaters now.

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