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Doctor Strange 2 Totally Sets Up an America Chavez Spinoff

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness This week makes way for Disney+, allowing fans to experience (or re-live) Marvel Studios blockbusters. One of the most enigmatic additions to the saga’s ensemble cast might just be America Chavez (Xochital Gomez), who made her live-action debut in the film after more than a decade of comedic performances. America’s portrayal of Gomez ended up factoring in the Multiverse of Madness in some very unexpected ways — and the events of the film may have laid the groundwork for a spinoff surrounding her.

Created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta in 2011 the revengeAmerica Chavez originated as a unique legacy version of the Golden Age superhero Miss America, with super strength, super speed and flight abilities. In later comedic performances, America’s status quo was pushed forward by other creative teams, with the revelation that it existed from a corner of the multiverse known as the Utopian Parallel. Along the way, America was confirmed to be a lesbian, entered into romantic relationships with characters such as Lisa Halloran and Ramon Watts, and developed a close friendship with Kate Bishop/Hawkeye. As her popularity grew, America eventually headlines her own comic on several occasions, making her the first LGBTQ+ Latin-American character in the Marvel universe to have a solo book of her own.

America’s Presence variety of madness Condensed many of these qualities within the film’s two-hour runtime, showing the origin story of her powers on a utopian parallel, and establishing the mystery of whether her two mothers may still be out in the multiverse. . We also got to see America sharing a scene with an alternate-earth version of Billy and Tommy Maximoff, which she eventually co-operates with The Young Avengers. The end of the film saw him leave America comfortably at home on Prithvi-616, studying as a student at the Mystic Arts School at Qamar-Taj. And while the film didn’t explicitly reaffirm America’s own LGBTQ+ identity, much of the discussion centered around the appearance of her mothers, with Marvel executive Victoria Alonso confirming that Gomez’s version of the character is also part of the LGBTQ+ community.

All of these elements feel like enough to be explored in the future, and it certainly seems like Marvel Studios aspire to do the same, with variety of madness author Michael Waldron to tease Vanity Fair That the film deliberately attempted to “set a mystery to be solved in the future” in which America was searching for its mothers. Whereas that story could easily be folded into the next multidimensional story of the MCU, or an even bigger story young avengers There’s more than enough meat on the bone for the spinoff, America, to justify a fictional solo spinoff. take a look America, her debut solo series written by Gabby Rivera, with art from a rotating array of artists. The series followed America during his time as a college student at Sotomayor University, and established a supporting cast of diverse allies and detractors around him. Although America’s version of the MCU isn’t headed to college just yet, it’s not impossible to imagine a single story of her navigating high school, her role as a superhero on a new Earth, and possibly even her life here. He even has a connection with the Masters of the Mystic. art. If overwhelmingly positive critical and fan response to Disney+’s recent Ms. Marvel The series is any indication, MCU audiences are enjoying creatively driven, diverse coming-of-age stories — a formula we already know they’re going to repeat again with the upcoming iron Heart Chain.

With the future of the MCU only getting more multifaceted and more character-driven, it would be nice to see America Chavez be part of that fold, possibly getting her solo story in some capacity. This will not only reinforce the character’s inevitable future presence in things like young avengersBut it will allow Gomez’s portrayal of the fan-favorite character to really shine.

Do you want America Chavez to get its own MCU spinoff? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Reference from comicbook.com

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