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Disney’s Lightyear Is Expected to Have a Great Opening Weekend at the Box Office

Disney Pixar light year Now poised to do great business in its opening weekend, current box office estimates are falling somewhere between $70-80 million from 4,200 theaters in the North American market. It’s a solid return for the opening of a Pixar animated feature in theaters; There were films like Pixar before the COVID-19 pandemic cocoa ($50 million), Cars 3 ($53.6 million), nice dinosaur ($39M), which didn’t have that high opening light year It seems that will happen. On the other hand, Pixar’s biggest movie franchises like toy story 4 ($120M), Incredible 2 ($182M), finding Dory ($135M), all opened at a significantly higher box office.

light year Falling somewhere in the middle of the pile of Pixar releases makes a certain amount of sense. The film’s Toy Story connection has already put it on the radar of an entire demographic of kids and families who are fans of it. He suffrage, which means light year It already has a huge audience for its first week in theatres.

However, beyond that, it is not certain what Lightyear has done to attract viewers beyond its toy story The random critical consensus is that the film is great – if only so much. whereas light year The story and science-fiction themes are good, the film being said to be less than the promised mythological film, which reportedly shaped Andy’s childhood fantasies. toys Story, light year Has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes scorer of anyone toy story Movies; If there is no strong word-of-mouth to carry it, light year May be less grosser than many other Pixar releases.

Here’s What We Said in the Official ComicBook.com light year review:

Lightyear can work perfectly as an original title – Toy Story isn’t really necessary to make the story or characters entertaining. But the connection is used as fully as it can be. There are a few lines that bring back Buzz’s catchphrase in Toy Story, but the story never hinges on Andy’s adventures in the room. Instead, it offers an opportunity to unpack a more interesting version of the deeply human toy that has been in our lives for nearly 30 years. Lightyear aims for the infinite and the greater, which takes us a little further than we expected.

light year Now in cinemas.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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