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Dakota Fanning to reunite with Denzel Washington for sequel

Actress Dakota Fanning will join Denzel Washington equalizer 3 – The pair of stars reunited for the first time in 2004 after starring in Tony Scott’s Man of Fire. equalizer 3 Washington will also see the team with him again. training Day Director Antoine Fuqua is the third time in the franchise, though the plot is being kept under wraps for now. equalizer Having a hit action B-movie series with a first for Denzel equalizer (2014) grossed $192.3 million worldwide and equalizer 2 Strong hold with $190.4 million. Both films were made on a modest budget of $60–80 million, earning them a good amount of money for Sony/Columbia Pictures.

As noted, Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning worked together on Tony Scotts flame man, which returned to theaters in 2004. That film was a milestone in establishing Dakota Fanning as a major young acting talent—it was also instrumental in helping Denzel Washington transform from a dramatic actor to an action-genre star. The film was largely further fueled by the lovely conversation between Washington and young Fanning, as the former played a stern bodyguard who was a nun for his young in charge (Fanning) while working for his family in Mexico. Develops soft spots. When Fanning’s character was cast, Washington had to show a violent Charles Bronson-style side of himself that fans largely didn’t see at the time.

first equalizer The film was similarly based on Denzel’s character—former Marine and DIA operative Robert McCall—the father’s conversation with a young girl named Terry (Chlo Grace Moretz), who is working as a prostitute for the Russian mob. Was being equalizer 2 There was also a minor character with McCall, so it’s a staple of the franchise at this point.

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All of that said: it seems like typical logic to assume that Fuqua and Washington are only interested in recreating the dynamic. flame man, in which Washington plays the savior of Fanning’s character. Fanning is a lot older now (age 28), and her roles have varied a lot since then. flame man, It would almost be more fun to see Dakota Fanning play the antagonist of Washington’s Equalizer — especially if they play on memory and collaboration. man on Fire heritage.

equalizer 3 Moving on to production.

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