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Colin Trevorrow Still “Deeply Satisfied” To Work On Abandoned Episode IX

jurassic world Director Colin Trevorrow was announced as the director of Star Wars: Episode IX In 2015, but exactly two years later, the filmmaker broke away from Lucasfilm and JJ Abrams took over directing. With no official details revealed as to why the director withdrew from the project, it would be easy to assume that Trevorrow was disappointed with the result, although he recently mentioned that there was no reason to work with Lucasfilm to such an extent. For he was still “deeply satisfied”. He has done. When the concept art of his planned film made its way online, it sparked a lot of engagement among fans, yet Trevorrow didn’t reveal anything about his thoughts on the reception from fans.

“It was complicated. But, honestly, I mean, since we’re talking 2022 now, I can honestly say I’m very grateful.” [Lucasfilm president] Cathy [Kennedy] To recognize that he and I were never going to make a film we could both be proud of together,” Trevorrow shared Uproxx, “And she’s been doing this for so long and she cares about me and I care about her and her family. [producer] candid [Marshall] And I’m still a participant. I’m part of this group of incredible filmmakers, so it was a complicated moment, but now, to be able to do that and really feel like… I’m glad I did. I am deeply, deeply satisfied to do so. I appreciate that he had the wit to see something that, honestly, I’m not sure I could have watched because I was so dialed into the story I wanted to tell.”

While it’s not entirely certain how the concept artwork for Trevorrow’s Star Wars film made it online, titled “Duel of the Fates”, the director himself confirmed that more than a dozen images played the finale of the Skywalker saga. for their plans. Regarding the response from fans, who expressed their disappointment at not seeing the adventure, Trevorrow teased, “That was a lot. I’ll leave with it.”

The nature of Star Wars fantasy means that, no matter which story was developed or by which filmmaker, fans who don’t like a narrative will wish for an alternate version, so long as we’ll never see. duel of the FatesSome fans will definitely confirm that Episode IX Will be better than Abram’ rise of skywalker,

traverse Jurassic World Dominion Will hit theaters on June 10.

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