‘Class of 83’ is built on friendship and misuse of power

Atul Sabrawal’s ‘Class of 83’ deals with friendship, repentance, changing forms of crime, power-system-criminals. Nashik, Mumbai, and Dubai of the ’80s can be seen. The film is about honest police. This honest policeman is trying to figure out how to protect his city from corrupt ministers, his corrupt police department, and gangsters. Police officer Vijay Singh in particular takes care of all this. CM Manohar Patkar has given him a punishment posting. In Nashik police training, the youth work to save their city and state from law and order books and book world events.


Here is the story of the film
Vijay Singh prepares an army of five Pandavas from Nashik Youth Center in the form of Pramod Shukla (Bhupendra Jadavat), Aslam Khan (Sameer Paranjay), Vishnu Varde (Hitesh Bhojraj), Jarnadan Surve (Prithvik Pratap) and Laxman (Ninad Mahajani). The city’s gangsters have wiped off the record. The friendship of the Pandavas remains intact till the training center but in the field of jobs, this friendship is cracked. All seem to support the gangsters of their respective camps. Only after watching the film will it be known whether the city can be freed from the clutches of gangsters.

The film could not do justice to every subject
The film is based on a book by popular crime writer Hussain Zaidi. However, taking the story from the book is all but scattered. The situation in Mumbai at that time, terrorism in Punjab, closure of cotton mills, forced labor under the guise of crime, has not seen proper coordination in many matters. Due to the short length of the film, not everything could be judged adequately.

Bobby Deol handled the film in solo lead
The director has tried to make all the events interesting with the good acting of the actors. Bobby Deol looks good as a solo hero. All the actors are good in the role of five Pandavas. The training center has a good sense of humor and passion during work hours.

The dialogues were breathless
There is a sharpness in the dialogues of the film. Vijay Singh has a long dialogue, everybody has an immune system, government body, educational body, judicial body, these are all strong forts. Their immune systems are so strong that they cannot be shaken from the outside, they rot like a disease from the inside.

Old Mumbai was seen in the film
The beauty of Mumbai in the time of black and white is very good. An elegant is found. The background score is also good.

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