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Chris Kattan opens up about that unexpected outcry in Jordan Peele’s latest

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Jordan Peele’s feature films may lean heavily on disturbing genre stories, but he finds plenty of ways to inject both humor and social commentary into those adventures, often finding unexpected connections between these fictional events and the real world. Huh. In NoIn , a sequence describes a tragic event experienced by Steven Yeun’s character Jupe, with heavy reference to Chris Kattan. saturday night live The alum recently recalled that until it hit theaters, he was completely oblivious to his name being taken in the film and began seeing audience reactions, prompting him to check out the film for himself and not. Inspired to share his admiration for not only Peele’s film, but also praise on the earnings. Tribute to the sci-fi effort. No Now in cinemas.

WARNING: Minor spoilers for NOT Below

The scene in question shows Jupp recalling how he was a child actor on the sitcom Gordy’s house!, which featured a real chimp. One fateful day, the chimpanzee had a violent outburst where it attacked the cast and crew members, resulting in the cancellation of the series. Zoop shows how the event was parodied saturday night liveKattan plays the fiery chimpanzee, as Jupe also admires Kattan’s performance as the animal.

“All I knew was that there was some mention of my name in the movie and that was too much,” shared Kattan. Result, As he browsed social media, he said, “Some people were saying, ‘Chris Kattan crushed it,’ ‘Chris goddamn Kattan,’ various variations of what was said.”

He continued, “I thought someone must have told me it was negative.”

The episode is said to have aired in 1998, at a time in which Kattan was best known for playing Mr. Peppers, a semi-missing Link figure that would certainly allow Kattan to play a chimpanzee. could be parallelised.

“Well, they didn’t say it outright, but yes, I assumed that was what they were referring to,” the actor acknowledged the similarities to Mr. “Obviously, it was very flattering – I couldn’t have been honored more.”

during Gordy’s house! Stampede, at least one woman is badly mutilated by a chimpanzee, the full extent of her violence is not fully known. Kattan notes that, whether the incident actually happened, it is unlikely that SNL The team would have shed light on this.

The actor clarified, “I don’t know if they will do that. It is very difficult to guess whether the writers would suggest something like this or not.” “I’d probably ask myself: As a writer, do you think it’s a good idea? I don’t know if it’s a good idea.”

He continued, “Jordan Peele mentioned me in this level of a film – this level of production and being a huge blockbuster of the summer, I thought it was pretty wild. It really surprised me.”

No Now in cinemas.

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