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Chris Hemsworth Says He Would Return as George Kirk If JJ Abrams Asked

since star trek beyond was released, appears to be having more non-starter events quarter star trek The film was taken off the ground when an initial big screen reboot was being planned. One of the many ideas that was announced at one point or another, and never came to fruition, was that Marvel star Chris Hemsworth was James T. Kirk’s father will reprise his role of George Kirk, whom he played in the opening scene of 2009. star trek reboot. It was never understood how this would happen, but time travel and alternate universes are already a thing in the series, so they must have figured out a way, and Hemsworth says that if they still figure it out how. If you want to do it, it’s a game.

“There was talk of doing a film with Chris Pine at one point,” Hemsworth shared in a video interview. Vanity Fair (Via gizmodo) “The script was put together and then it fell apart. If JJ Abrams called me yesterday and said ‘Chris Pine and I want to do it,’ I’d probably say ‘Yeah, let’s go for it! ” The actor opened up about how the part came together in the same interview, revealing that he booked it a year after auditioning for the part of Captain Kirk…and didn’t get it.

“I was called into JJ Abrams’ office,” Hemsworth said. “No idea what it was for, I knew it was for Star Trek, but I didn’t know which character or anything. And it was basically based on an audition that Chris Pine played Twelve Months. Ex… So I came in and he handed me the script and I just read the scene, and I did something right. I can’t remember that I really didn’t understand that I was potential Roop Kya Tha, which was a good thing. If I had I knew it was going to be a relaunch of Star Trek and it turned out to be a movie, I’m sure I would have been in a lot more apprehensive but I did on Friday Had auditioned and then was shooting on Monday. So there wasn’t much time for me to process what was there.”

Hemsworth also teased what it was like for him to book the part and what happened next, revealing that he believed it helped him book the part of Thor, but after a long wait That’s it.

“I shot Star Trek and then I had about eight or nine months where I didn’t get a job,” the Marvel star said. “Then the movie came out and it gave me some momentum. And I had auditioned for Thor a few times – didn’t call back. Then got a chance to do another callback. Star Trek was out, Kenneth Branagh saw it I think it helped in many, many ways. And I think JJ Abrams and Kenneth had a conversation. The initial audition I sent, or the tape, was with my mother and I, and my mother Anthony Hopkins. I don’t know, maybe it was her reading that somehow influenced the vote there.”

Chris Hemsworth can next be seen playing the god of Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, marking his eighth appearance as the character.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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