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Bryce Dallas Howard Responds to Fans That He Wants to Direct a Movie

Bryce Dallas Howard has become a mainstay of Star Wars television. Director and Actor (can be seen currently) Jurassic World Dominionwhich currently tops the box office charts) directed two well-received episodes of Mandalorian On Disney+, “Chapter 4: Sanctuary” in the show’s first season and “Chapter 11: The Heir” in its second season. She returned to the Star Wars universe to direct an episode of Mandalorianspinoff series Boba Fett. book of“Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian,” which, as the title suggests, shifts the focus away from Boba Fett back to Din Gerrin.

Fans have enjoyed Howard’s work so much that many are asking Lucasfilm to give him a film to direct. talking to Los Angeles TimesHoward responded to fans’ support, touching on his future as a director and upcoming plans to return to Star Wars on Disney+.

Howard said of seeking the opportunity to direct a feature film for the first time, “It’s really, really, really important to me because there’s so much more to learn.” “I’m attached to Navigator’s FlightBut there is no script yet.”

As for Star Wars, Howard said, “I honestly have no idea!” When asked about the possibility of directing a film in the franchise. “The support is incredibly moving. I was on a work session with Jon Favreau when it was announced — I’m like, “Oh, I could have said yes, I did another episode!” I’m amazed Go on, he’s just the most amazing guy. He was like, “Bryce, we were at the festival and the people were so supportive.” He chuckled while talking about how people were hugging me. Papa John! Me I feel very fortunate to be the way people have been, because that’s what I love to do.

When first asked what it would take to direct a Star Wars movie, Howard said gizmodo, “I guess someone will ask me.” She previously commented on the fans’ reaction to her Star Wars work on Instagram, saying, “I’m on a quick break from doing that audio drama I’m recording or Audible and I just got online, Which could be very dangerous thing to do, but I saw the reactions to episode 3 Mandalorian, which is the episode I directed and so far so good. So far it’s good. much obliged. Very, very grateful,” she added with a squeak.

Howard is reportedly piloting an episode of MandalorianThe third season of the film, which will debut in February 2023. MandalorianThe first two seasons of the show are now streaming on Disney+.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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