Bruce Campbell’s new sequel is a “very adult” installment

Bruce Campbell's new sequel is a

share of happiness eval dead The franchise is that, while there have always been buckets of blood and disturbing imagery, the series has never shied away from embracing the sillier components of the concept, though the franchise’s longtime star and creator. evil dead rise Bruce Campbell has reported that the upcoming installment is “very adult” on the material. Given how little we know about the upcoming film, it’s not entirely clear what these details mean for the new installment, but it looks like the series is tackling a more mature theme than its predecessors. can. evil dead rise HBO Max is expected to hit the screens later this year.

“I’m so excited about it. It’s going to be really cool and very, very intense. It’s dark, a very adult eval dead movie,” Campbell shared The Art of Evil Dead: The GamePeru bloody disgusting, “I wouldn’t call it a yuck fest — it’s very, very hard stuff. And that’s the variation that’s within you. eval dead Within the franchise and horror itself. It’s all about the filmmaker.”

He continued, “Sam Raimi picks these guys, and so Lee Cronin is the guy who directed it, and he’s a little serious dude. So you let him do his thing.”

by Campbell. starred in the original trilogy of eval dead The films, all of which were directed by Sam Raimi and began to adopt more slapstick humor with each installment. In 2013, Fed lvarez did a re-imagining of the concept, leaning heavily in the more visceral gore of the original films and avoiding some goofy elements of the source material. Soon after, with Raimi Campbell and original producer Rob Tapert, . reunited for three seasons of ash vs evil deadWhich continued the adventures of Ash Williams in the years following his battle with the forces of darkness.

The new sequel is described as “the fifth eval dead In the film, a road-weary Beth visits her older sister, Ellie, who is raising three children on her own in a cramped L.A. apartment. The sisters’ reunion is cut short by the discovery of a mysterious book in the depths of Eli’s building, giving rise to flesh-carrying demons, and Beth is pushed into an early battle for survival as she is forced to return to motherhood. The worst version I am facing. imaginable.”

stay tuned for details evil dead rise before debuting later this year.

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