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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bo Burnham releases full line of Marvel Studios parody merch

Fans of Bo Burnham’s Powerful Comedy Special within Glad to learn last month that the comedian and filmmaker had released — for free on YouTube — more than an hour of additional footage created during the making of within, inside outtake The parody version of the Marvel logo ended with an extended riff on Marvel Studios, joining the “Inside Cinematic Universe” for a decade-long planned comedy special, featuring characters and concepts. within, Smart money is that none of these movies will ever happen – except maybe 40which feels like a safe bet as a celebration of the tenth anniversary within – But now, there’s the merchant.

Burnham launches today Inside the Studio Store, which features T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and other merchandise featuring Burnham’s Marvel-inspired Inside Studio logo. On the site, each item has a tongue-in-cheek description that sounds like an extension of some of Burnham’s snake-oil-seller character who talked about corporate responsibility within.

A statement at the top of the store read, “Thank you for being a part of The Inside Studios Family.” “As a token of our appreciation for your continued support, we here at Inside Studios are giving you the special opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime, fan-first Inside Experience.”

You can see Burnham modeling Merch below.

The website continues, “So this is how it works: Below is a selection of what we’re calling ‘wearables.’ All you have to do is ‘buy’, which we’re calling ‘wearables’ content’ is what we’re calling ‘your money.’ Now, the good part. Once you buy this ‘wearable content’ (stay with us here), ‘your money’ is a part of the Inside Cinematic Universe. The actual part will become. The more ‘wearables’ you ‘buy,’ the more ‘your money’ you keep going. That’s awesome.”

He signs it off as the president of Inside Studios and the “Adult Man in a Baseball Hat,” a very clear nod to Marvel chief Kevin Feige, who often wears one in public.

On Instagram, Burnham hashtagged the post “#mentalhealth,” which she has frequently discussed, though it’s not immediately clear whether some of the proceeds from the Inside Studios store go to mental health organizations. Mental health was also a major topic withinBut given the lack of other hashtags, this seems like a significant addition.

Similarly, the website says, “Be one of us. Before it’s too late,” but it’s unclear whether this is more hype-like language, or whether the merchandise is actually a limited-edition drop. .

you can see Bo Burnham: Inside more on netflix inside outtake Burnham’s YouTube channel.

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from comicbook.com

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