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Black Adam will be “gruesome in places”

black adam released its trailer Wednesday morning, giving the world its first full look at DC Comics’ hero Dwayne Johnson. With the trailer came a black promise; Black is going to kill Adam. In some scenes in the trailer, Johnson’s Teth-Adam bleeds as he is killed before becoming a super-powered character, launching a man who takes many stories into the sky before his death. Black Adam is not playing around. Speaking to ComicBook.com, black adam Producer Beau Flynn opened up about how much intensity and violence the DC Comics film will push forward.

“From the experience of all the Dwayne Johnson movies we’ve been privileged to be a part of, we’re four quadrants. I mean, we really love serving all demos, all ages, but we have to be authentic to Black It was. Adam and we really had to push,” Flynn said. “The violence is real and it can be harsh and gruesome in many places, but I think the audience will be fine. I think the kids will be fine. This movie has a huge heart. And also, you have to have fun.” You have to take pleasure in these movies. And I think when you watch the trailer, you see, even the palette, the colors, is like the world, it’s not dark like some other movies ‘

black adam The attempt to push the tone and intensity comes at a time when comic book films are actively exploring new frontiers in the genre. PG-13 has become the standard expectation for movies, sometimes pushing the envelope with jump scares and horrors. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Recently introduced from Marvel’s Arsenal. In other cases, DC Comics movies will dive into R-rated territories with titles like birds of prey either clownBoth offered hate speech and intense violence. black adam It doesn’t seem like any of these titles and R-rated movies are rare enough for Johnson with only 2017. Baywatch and of 2013 pain gain Being an R-rated title from the actor in the last decade. In addition, Black Adam is on a collision course with Shazam, a DC character who was made family-friendly in his first film.

“I think that’s why success came to us when we parted Shazam! And black adam And then we had some more real estate, and we love the Justice Society and they’ve been around, they’re fan favorites, but we’re like, it’s really important and them to try and stop Black Adam It needs to be present,” Flynn said. “It was so much fun to be kind of open on her case and congratulate those characters, but also in the eye of our mind and really our cast told a lot. It’s diversity, our cast, it’s really like inclusivity and it’s great to see Black Adam interacting with the Justice Society and where can we go with this… the relationship between Cyclone and Atom Smasher, me Looks very unique. And then when you watch the movie, you’ll see Hawkman and Doctor Fate, those guys, there’s a really unique and special energy in the movie. I think that relationship is really going to be celebrated.”

are you excited to see black adam, Share your thoughts in the comment section! black adam Hits theaters on 21 October 2022.

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Reference from comicbook.com

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