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Batman fans celebrate Robert Pattinson’s birthday

Batman fans celebrate Robert Pattinson's birthday

Robert Pattinson’s Birthday Batman Fans are running to celebrate. The Twilight star, 36, has been pretty busy in recent years. doctrine and batman Will do so close together. Matt Reeves’ DC Comics film proved to be a big hit among the audience. However, when the lead star was cast, there was a lot of doubt about his suitability for the role. As time went on, Pattinson did interviews where he assured panicked fans that he was taking it seriously. By the time the first trailer came out, people were sold out. Not only could the actor handle all the action work this series demanded, he presented a very different version of Bruce Wayne. A lot of non-comic book fans got a kick out of the reclusive billionaire, who was really just a stool-adjusted little creature of the night, and not the super capable Playboy genius he’d seen in titles that focused on his later career. was painted.

On KCRW, director Matt Reeves garnered much praise for his star’s commitment. This is what makes him a great actor. “One of the things that I found really fascinating about working with him is that he acts in a way that almost feels like a method actor. And yet, you can see his feelings. He has a lot of access to it, and he puts himself in a position,” he explained. “But he’s also in incredible control of his equipment, the way he moves. It’s all very technical, and it’s very intentional. So I can tell him, I need to warm up to it, and he’s very at ease. can reach it. [And I could say] But me too, because of this cover and the way the light is hitting your eye, I want you to lean a little more to your left, because otherwise I will not see your eye. And he could do both of those things at once.”

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