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Batgirl cancellation hints at “lesser role” for Michael Keaton’s Batman

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DC’s Batgirl movie postponed (read: cancelled) has raised many big questions over Warner Bros. One of the biggest draws for Batgirl was the return of actor Michael Keaton as Batman, appearing as an ongoing arc within the DC Movie Universe. So naturally, upon hearing that Batgirl has now been canceled, we’ve got some pretty obvious repercussions as to Keaton playing a lesser role as Batman in the new DC Movie Universe than was originally thought. leaves on.

Michael Keaton’s Batman is already known as a key character in the upcoming Flash film, when Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) unintentionally speeds himself into an altered DC timeline where Keaton’s Batman is present. The Flash remains a hot-button movie doing the DC/WB juggernaut; Star Ezra Miller’s off-screen controversies are a massive PR hurdle, but the film’s place in the franchise is too important to ignore, as The Flash has long been rumored to be a springboard for a DC Movie Universe soft-reboot.

Batgirl’s original place in the DC movie release schedule would have hit HBO Max in late 2022 after The Flash’s original release date. when it was announced that Keaton was going to be in bat girl And after the first film in the post-Flash reboot universe became Batman, fans began to get excited that Keaton’s future in the franchise could be as big as the future Batman Beyond film, in which he plays the elderly Bruce Wayne who plays the role of the Batman. Recommend to the next Batman. Needless to say that things have taken a turn. According to heart,

Batgirl’s death also indicates a lesser role for Keaton going forward. The actor’s Dark Knight, who had not been seen since 1992’s Batman Returns, was being placed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe similar to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury … in Batgirl, he is said to be at the center of one was. Brilliant action sequence…Woh Bhi Hain’s important part glowThe upcoming film starring actor Ezra Miller is set to conclude in June 2023.

It is also said that Keaton filmed some Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which was originally meant to follow The Flash and possibly establish Keaton as the new Batman of the rebooted universe. Now… nothing seems like it’s ever really going to happen, like aquaman will come first flashAnd Keaton will likely be cut from that film and replaced by Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Currently, fan theory is leaning toward the idea that The Flash will actually end with Barry Allen re-establishing the “fixed” DC timeline, but Keaton’s Batman is just a one-off addition to this uniquely multi-faceted story. There will be a cameo character. However, there were also rumors that The Flash was introducing a new Supergirl (Sachet Calle) to join Batgirl’s Leslie Grace as the official Batman/Superman successor in the new DCMU. Now, we all know that Batgirl is off the table; Keaton’s role probably won’t be what we thought, and the only real Batman appearance we know of is Ben Affleck’s Batman in both Aquaman 2 and at least the beginning of The Flash. This is now leaving just one big question:

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Reference from comicbook.com

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