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Assistant director Kitty Green will take to the Outback for her next film

Assistant director Kitty Green will take to the Outback for her next film

The Royal Hotel reunites Green with star Julia Garner, who finds herself on the receiving end of toxic masculinity once again.

TeaThat assistant, Kitty Greene’s harrowing account of a day in the office of a showbiz dictator like Harvey Weinstein, sheds a harsh light on the industry to gain traction in awards season in 2020. But critics did everything in their power to spread the good word about Greene’s grim portrayal of structural power abuse — a subject that reared its ugly head once again with the announcement of the director’s highly-anticipated follow-up. Is.

today morning, Hollywood Reporter A bulletin ran that Greene is proceeding with casting on the Royal Hotel with plans to shoot in the Australian outback this summer. In that regard, new addition and Australian-born Hugo Weaving will be right at home, joining Matrix: Resurrection breakout Jessica Henwick and already signed Julia Garner, reuniting with Green after starring in The Assistant.

The Royal Hotel is the name of a lonely bar in a deserted mining town where a pair of backpacking best friends (Garner and Henwick) find some temporary employment on their cross-country journey. The bar’s owner (Weaving) seems friendly enough as he and his fellow Australians introduce girls to the hard-drinking ways of Australians, but “things get worse when their jokes and behavior cross the border” and the girls Soon she finds herself in danger.

The Predicament of Men puts the project in line with the rest of Greene’s accomplished oeuvre, which inspects harmful gender dynamics from unexpected angles, whether it’s the assistant’s procedural workplace hostility or the troubled primping of JonBenet casting her docu-fiction hybrid. Given the rugged terrain of The Royal Hotel’s setting, this new recapitulation of her chosen theme may include more elements of action than previous work.

With principal photography set for the summer, we can safely expect a debut at next year’s Sundance, where Green and his work in the past have been warmly welcomed. And with her focus shifting away from the entertainment world, maybe the rest of the industry will give her the recognition she has been waiting for so long.

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