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Amanda Seyfried “F—King Really Badass” Looks Back at Jennifer’s Body

Amanda Seyfried "F—King Really Badass" Looks Back at Jennifer's Body

Written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karen Kusama, Jennifer’s Body It failed to make a major impact at the box office when it debuted in 2009, although its subsequent years have seen more enthusiasm to follow. Despite taking years for the film to be appreciated by a wider audience, star Amanda Seyfried knew just how effective the film was from first reading the screenplay, recently showing how “f—king really badass” the project was. Given the film’s growing following in recent years, some fans expect a follow-up to proceed, although such a project has yet to be developed.

“Honestly, in terms of box office success, we didn’t see that. Whatever,” shared Seyfried variety, “For me, it was always about the experience of making it and being intimidated when it came out, because it felt like it always meant something. It had a cult following, and for good reason. Karin Kusama was an amazing director. It was a f-cking really badass story about best friends that was hilarious, and deep and smart. It was unique! Sorry but I’ve never read another script or any other movie Haven’t seen what it seems Jennifer’s Body, This was art. I’m really proud of the work I did, and the fun we had.”

He said, “It’s great to be celebrated for. Even if it’s years later, it doesn’t matter. I think it was a great film, so it’s really cool that people still think about it. Talking. Be a part of anything that’s stuck is good. Like, when I was working with Paul Schrader [on First Reformed]’I was like, ‘This is going to be a movie class. People will keep reading this film for years and years. I knew that before I even shot it.”

The original film sees a hopeful rock band attempting to make a human sacrifice to secure their success, only for their ritual to go haywire and turn their victim Jennifer (Megan Fox) into a bloodthirsty demon. .

Just last year, Fox expressed its interest in continuing the narrative, potentially even into a longer-form narrative.

“I do not think so [Jennifer’s Body is] A tough movie to make a sequel to,” shared Fox Washington Post, “I mean, they should make it into a TV series. That would be cool.”

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Jennifer’s Body,

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