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All cameos and easter eggs explained

Doctor Strange 2: Post Credit Scene Explained

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Shedding tears at the box office. During its opening weekend in theaters, Sam Raimi’s picture grossed $187 million, making it the biggest weekend of the filmmaker’s career. In fact, the haul more than doubled from the previous opening weekend. Doctor Strange in 2017. Suffice to say, fans have flocked to their local theaters en masse to get their multiversal fix.

Because of its journey into multiple realities, the film is loaded with various Easter eggs and nods, most of which we’ve compiled here if you have a question or two as to why the theater is clapping, or gasping at the moment. And.

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Big Tuna?!

In one of the most surprising casting moves ever made by Marvel Studios, the Kevin Feige-led organization actually cast John Krasinski for a cameo role as Reed Richards. One of the most popular fancastings on social media since the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, it is unclear whether Krasinski will return to the role from this point forward. Doctor Strange sequel. That said, Jon Watts recently left the director’s chair on Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, so if the stars align properly, Krasinski could technically appear in the flick and control it at the same time. can.


MCU Superstars return

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The Illuminati was one of the biggest surprises of the film, which fans of Marvel actors have seen in various roles before. As teased by the studio’s marketing prior to release, the film featured a live-action version of Captain Carter (Haley Atwell). It also brought back Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau as Earth-838’s Captain Marvel. Not to forget the return of Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo, the surprise return of Earth’s new wizard Supreme-838 or Anson Mount as Black Bolt, a role he last widely panned on ABC. in humans Chain.



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According to Christine Palmer’s (Rachel McAdams) version on Earth-838, the MCU is labeled as Earth-616, which, coincidentally enough, is the longstanding moniker for the primary world in the Marvel Comics mythos. While that doesn’t mean the MCU and comics universe are the same, it’s a fun Easter Egg for comics readers around the world.


Plenty of Themes

Danny Elfman doesn’t shy away from tying some very recognizable tunes to his score Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Not only did the composer incorporate the fan-favorite WandaVision theme into the film when it first introduced Wanda, he also played a rendition of the theme for X-Men: The Animated Series, as Charles Xavier was first seen in The Illuminati. was introduced as a member.


Bruce Campbell

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It wouldn’t be a Sam Raimi movie without a cameo from one of the filmmaker’s best friends. Bruce Campbell appeared in the feature in two separate scenes, working as a pizza vendor on Earth-838. In the first go-around, Strange cast a spell on Popa, forcing him to repeatedly punch himself in the face. The character also returns in the scene after the credits, showing the character grateful that the spell has gone bad. Campbell has appeared in some fashion in nearly all of Raimi’s films, so it’s only fitting that the actor made his MCU debut within a film directed by his best friend.


Wundagore Mountains and Chhathono


Mount Wundagore is the birthplace of Chaos Magic and often serves as the home base of Chthon – the author of Darkhold. For a time, High Evolutionary also used the mountain as their home base, conducting their experiments on various characters throughout the years from chambers within the mountains. Within the film, the mountain serves a similar purpose as Wanda has to travel to Wanda to access Darkhold energy.

Speaking of which, the movie is also titled Drop Chathon, even featuring Darkhold guardian monsters who don the character’s comics likeness. Although the beloved villain doesn’t appear in the flesh, fans have hope.


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit


In the blink of an eye you’ll remember the moment the Maximoff twins can be seen on their adventures on Earth-838 while watching an episode of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The cartoon is one of the first Walt Disney ever made, and rights issues eventually forced the animator to replace it with Mickey Mouse. Now, the rights to the entire Oswald library — and the characters themselves — are back at Disney, so why not include the character in one of the biggest Disney movies of the year?!


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