After Akshay, John, now Salman Khan is also ready to shoot

Because of Corona’s risk and lockdown, trade analysts estimated that the Big Stars would not be coming to shoot for the next year and a half. That estimate has now been proven wrong.

On Monday, Akshay Kumar announced to go to England for the shooting of Bellbottom. Now there is news from people close to Salman Khan that Radhe’s shooting will be resumed from October.

News was circulating on Tuesday that Salman Khan would start shooting for Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother from the first week of August. Mehboob Studio in Bandra, Mumbai has also booked for this.

Salman was waiting for the rains to stop and would start shooting for the film from October.

This has been confirmed by people close to producer Atul Agnihotri. He made it clear that the 10 to 12 shoot of the film is still pending. Is to shoot a song. Apart from this, some scenes are yet to be shot.

Due to the rains in Mumbai, public life is very busy. People have trouble coming and going. The film cannot be shot in the atmosphere of August.

The news that Mehboob Studio has been booked for the month of August is not true. The production is not aware of this. The film is set to start shooting in October.

Salman Khan is concerned about everyone’s health and safety. But because of that, it is not reasonable to stay at home even in the coming months. If it takes 2 years for the corona vaccine to arrive, should everyone sit idly by? He is constantly discussing the matter with the team.

The team also said that they will have to start a normal life by staying with Corona in the near future. Assistant directors, technicians, and day laborers are getting a lot of impressions. For them, even Salman Khan is ready to go out to shoot without vaccines. He has persuaded her to start everything from October.

Many big stars ready to start shooting

Apart from Salman and Akshay Kumar, John Abraham has also started preparing to go out and shoot despite the threat of Corona. Deepika Padukone has also started pre-shooting preparations. She is constantly doing script discs with Shakun Batra.

The music in the film Radhe is provided by Sajid Wajid. After Wajid’s death, Sajid has completed all the work alone.

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