Aditya Chopra will celebrate the 50th anniversary of YRF

Will release the company’s new logo in 22 Indian languages

Aditya Chopra is all set to have a grand celebration marking the 50th anniversary of Yashraj Films. On September 27, on the 88th birth anniversary of the late Yash Chopra, they will put up a blueprint for YRF Project 50. Aditya will also unveil the new logo of his production house.

Trade pundits say YRF is a legacy company with a long history. The number of prestigious films in his library is very high. The company has given many superstars to India. It is rumored that the new logo may be released in all the official languages ​​of India.

The reason behind launching this brand logo, according to sources, is that YRF has been entertaining the audience on an all-India level for the last 50 years. His films have crossed the language line and entertained the entire country. That is why we are quietly listening to the talk of releasing logos in all 22 official languages ​​of India. If true then this would be a wonderful sign to thank the audience who love YRF films in every state.

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