A major element of the Khonshu flashback scene was added later.

A major element of the Khonshu flashback scene was added later.

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight The series brought up the origin story of its titular character from the comics, revealing that the Egyptian god Khonshu offered Mark Spector a deal when he was on the verge of death. At that time, Mark Moon Knight became the incarnation of Khonshu. we saw that scene in play Moon Knight TV series, but a flashback to Mark’s childhood made it appear that Khonshu was probably involved in Mark’s life as a child.

During a flashback, the day his younger brother died in an accident, Mark saw in the grass a set of bird bones that resembled those of khonshu. Those bones weren’t part of the initial script, according to lead writer Jeremy Slater, and he’s not sure when they made their way onto the scene.

“It wasn’t in the script. I don’t know if they found that day or if it was added at some point, but to me it’s one of those details where I’m like, I didn’t come up with it, so I can’t say what that meant,” Slater told TheDirect.com, “But as a storyteller, I look at it and my mind immediately starts wandering, and I start asking a lot of questions.”

Slater went into detail about the questions that came to his mind, many of which were likely to be asked by fans as well. Having Khonshu and Mark connected in any way all those years ago could have major implications for their already difficult relationship in the present.

“How early did Khonshu get into his life? Has he been manipulating things from the start? Or is this just a funny foreshadowing? Is this one of those things that makes you question whether it’s all just Mark It’s happening inside the head, and nobody else or it’s really just a piece of bread that happens down the road to something bigger and more interesting,” the author continued. “I don’t know, but I think those theories are really funny.”

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