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28 days later, writer teases “huge” idea for third film

28 days later, writer teases "huge" idea for third film

the basis of 28 days later naturally brought with it the possibility of follow-up action, such as 28 weeks later Confirmed that you can continue to advance in time through the various stages of the zombie outbreak, original writer Alex Garland teased that he has a big idea for a potential third film. However, he also noted that the scope and scale of such a film meant that it could be far removed from the original approach of the first film, although he and director Danny Boyle kept the conversation alive whenever it came to the topic. continue. Year.

“It’s possible. It’s one of those things … everybody needs to do it and, sometimes, partly because I’m thinking about paying off my mortgage or something like that, I guess.” is, ‘Hmm, that would be a good idea.’ But then, I personally, don’t have enough motivation to follow through,” Garland recently detailed. Yahoo! entertainment,

The first film was released in 2002 and came at a time when the zombie subgenre had become stagnant. Not only did the film’s unorthodox approach to zombie lore, but its filmmaking sensibility also saw new possibilities in that realm, helping to start a new wave of zombie stories across a variety of mediums.

“A long time has passed and 28 days laterwhen it came [it was] Fresh, and I don’t think it’s fresh anymore,” the filmmaker explained. “I think it’s really, talking talk, 28 days later Zombies joined the conversation, that style. It did its job, which is great. Really nice to be a part of it.”

More than just being open to a new installment, Garland also knows what that third movie will potentially be like.

“I have a really cool idea for it, but it’s a huge movie, and one of the things 28 days later It’s that it was short and punk and that the idea is less petty and punk. But me and Danny speak about it,” expressed the filmmaker. “Every couple of years it would come, or go, ‘Do you want to do that?’ And then for some reason that never happens.”

Given that Boyle gave trainspotting a sequel in 1996 and again in 2017, it’s been almost the same time since they released it 28 days laterMaybe this is the right time for him to return to the series.

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of 28 days later Voting.

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