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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

2022 Hit Everything Everywhere returns in theaters this weekend

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One of the best films of the year is back in theaters this weekend. if you want to see everywhere together Now you are going to get a chance on the big screen. (Or, if you want to double or triple, you’ve been given the opportunity.) A24 still ranks well above Michelle Yeoh’s multiverse adventure film. It has been praised online and at the box office by fans and critics alike. everywhere together The debut managed to gross over $50 million in theaters. This staggering number came after the film didn’t play as many theaters as it offered. A24’s mega-hit didn’t even have the luxury of joining a major franchise. So, it’s a win for both small film projects and theaters that may point to something outside huge blockbusters to keep the lights on.

One of the massive bright spots in He Huy Quan everywhere together, Comicbook.com spoke to Starr about his experience making this film. During the interview, the actor revealed how surprised he was with the support from fans across the world. He was away from the limelight for so long that he doubted that such slander would ever come to him again.

“Well, one, for an Asian audience, I think my return is a testament to how important it is to represent it in entertainment, not just for Asians, but for all groups of people,” he explained. . “Until you see it, you still can’t believe it can be you on screen too. I hope that with my return, all those people who share the same dream, no matter what Old or young, that lay dormant, I hope our film will do with these dreamers crazy rich asian did it for me.”

“You mentioned empathy, and empathy is really important because it creates a path to understanding and acceptance. I think a beautiful message in our film is to accept each other for who they are,” the actor said. to continue. “We all deserve to be unique in ourselves and feel just enough. If people watch our film and if there’s one message that they can take away from it, it’s this: Please understand and accept each other.” At this point, more than anything else, this is what we really need.”

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Reference from comicbook.com

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