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Movement Fest Guadalajara: almost everything you need to know about the pageant

For the initially time, the Coca Cola Stream Fest arrives in Guadalajara, to be held on December 3 at the VFG Arena, in which numerous exponents of reggaeton and city genres will make the Guadalajara stage vibrate.

Starting off at 1:00 p.m., the occasion will start, hoping to receive countless numbers of people from Jalisco and other areas with the guarantee of a new expertise for these who observe urban rhythms.

J Balvin in Mexico: This is the probable setlist of the reggaeton player at the Move Fest

What is the poster of the Stream Fest in Guadalajara?

The artists are Anuel AA, J Balvin, Jhayco, Justin Quiles, Sech, Blessed, Lenny Tavarez, Lunay Mora, Nio García, Ryan Castro, Tiago PZK, Tokischa, Eix, Jon Z, Taichi, VF7, Allan Wittles, Exodia Collado, Fatima Pinto, Mené & NSQK.

How a lot do the tickets cost?

Normal tickets for the Movement Fest Guadalajara They have a charge of 1,168 pesos, for convenience move 3,024 and Moreover at 3,848. In addition, offers are offered that incorporate passes with transportation and lockers integrated, which you can check with in this web page.

How to get to the VFG Arena for the Move Fest?

The VFG Arena is found at kilometer 20 of the Guadalajara – Chapala S/N highway, so it is advised to anticipate your arrival or share a car.

An additional solution is to use the shuttles with a price of 300 pesos for a round excursion that will depart from three factors at 11:00 a.m.: Patria Avenue 1959, López Mateos Sur Avenue 2375 and Manuel Gómez Morín 7835 South Peripheral Ring. acquire on the internet.

What are the allowed objects?

Antibacterial gel in containers no greater than 100 ml. Small bags, solitary-compartment backpacks, carry-on baggage (optimum 30cm x 30cm), mobile phones, fanny packs, sunglasses and hats, unopened lighters and cigarette packs, ear plugs, unopened lip balm and lipgloss, unopened powder make-up , unopened tampons/pads (unique packaging) gentle chemical lights or modifying rooms that have chemical lights and are not projectiles sealed packets of gum, prescription medicines (it is needed to bring a prescription from a health care provider) hula hoops (which include all those with LEDs), inflatable dolls (have to be deflated on entry) non-skilled flash cameras recording cameras considerably less than 12 cm (Sony Motion Cam, GoPro, and so forth.) and extendable GoPro poles, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers cream sunscreen

What are the objects not permitted?

Unlawful substances, drugs or drug paraphernalia. pets, massaging machines or massagers, lasers or horns, harsh chemical lights that can provide as projectiles, LED gloves, pacifiers, eye drops, around-the-counter remedies, liquid makeup, and opened tampons/pads (on sale). entrance), glass cups, cans, eyeglasses or coolers markers, feathers or canned paint prolonged chains or spiked jewellery stickers, flyers, or other promoting balls or Frisbees tents, large umbrellas, chairs or blankets wineskins, boot luggage or amphoritas big bags, backpacks or purses larger than 30cm x 30cm teddies open packs of cigarettes exterior food items or beverages (in particular alcoholic drinks) any type of weapon (incorporates knives, pepper spray, fireworks, and so on.) professional cameras, online video cameras, or audio recording products (almost nothing with detachable lenses, tripods, substantial zooms, and so forth.) eerosols (deodorants, paint, and so forth.) perfumes alcoholic, energy beverages umbrellas or umbrellas liquid for vaporizers and flyers with promotion


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