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Motörhead’s Lamy will be immortalized in a ceremony with his ashes during Hellfest celebration

The ashes of legendary Motörhead founder, cultural icon and Grammy Award winner Ian “Lemy” Kilmister were placed in a memorial below his statue at the Hellfest festival in Clisson, France, and a ceremony will take place on Thursday 23 June with his collaborators Mickey Dee and Phil Campbell will be present.

Following the conclusion of the Scorpions show, his former bandmates Campbell and Dee will honor Lemmy’s memory by saying a few words, making a toast in his honor and a tribute video will be presented on festival screens.

Statue of Lemy in France, fully armed.

Statue of Lemy in France, fully armed.

The ceremony formally recognizes Lemmy’s love of touring, where he has always felt at home and with his fans.

the hell fest

Lemmy Kilmister is the lead singer of Motörhead.  Photo: AP

Lemmy Kilmister is the lead singer of Motörhead. Photo: AP

Hellfest was one of Kilmister’s favorite festivals. Motörhead was in its inaugural edition and was always one of the main acts in subsequent editions.

Furthermore, the affection that united the band with their French fans was always immense, which is why it made even more sense that Lemmy would always be present at the festival so that his fans could pay tribute to him.

The ceremony will also give people a chance to attend his memory and see a miniature replica of the urn that holds his ashes at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood.

Fans who want to share their comments, memories and experiences can do so using the hashtag #LemmyLivesAtHellfest.

Lamy’s ashes

Motörhead in Belfort, France in 2011.  Photo: AFP

Motörhead in Belfort, France in 2011. Photo: AFP

Lemmy Kilmister died on December 28, 2015. Prostate cancer is complicated by a complex picture of heart failure, followed by arrhythmias.

A few days after he passed away, on January 9, 2016, at the age of 70, a touching tribute was paid to him at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo, Guns N’ Roses great Slash and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and former Nirvana were part of the game. In that tribute, Ash was already shown in the usual equestrian cap worn with a hard metal headgear. The ballistic plan was still somewhat premature.

The funeral was streamed live on YouTube with over 230,000 viewers. In his 2002 autobiography, White Line Fever, Lemmy wrote: “People don’t get better when they die, they just talk about themselves as if they were, but that’s not true. ! They’re still stupid. They The undead are idiots! I didn’t really have a big life, but at least it was fun.”

The story will continue as it also revealed that the charismatic and powerful bassist will have his own biopic. At the moment little is known about who will be the actor who is encouraged to enter the skin of the frontman.

Part of the ashes of Lamy Kilmister, in the myth and legend of Motörhead, were divided into tablets and distributed among his close friends.


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