Mother of a contestant on reality show “Survivor” dies

Last weekend, the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) announced via social networks The death of actress Olga Rinzo, wife of actor Polo Ortin.

89 year old actor She starred in various Mexican films such as “Los Cues del Piruris”, “Four Females and a Male”, “Chicos Ramos”., “La Torta Caliente”, “Candido Perez, Women’s Specialist”, among others.

“Survivor” Contestant’s Mother

whose mother is olga rinzo George Ortin, which is currently Takes part in the TV Aztec reality show “Survivor”.

The television station announced that When the actor found out about his mother’s death “he cried unconscious”. The contestant got the toughest news of his life in the middle of a reality show and was devastated by it.”

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take her pain out of her paws

In addition, TV Azteca announced on its page that Jorge Ortina “He was loyal to the competition and took his pain with the claws” in “Survivor”, published L Universal.

George, the son of the elected member of the program “Neighbors”, decided to continue in the reality competition.

This is not the first time

However, this is not the first time a contestant on a reality show has heard reports like The Same Happened To Judyke Rodriguez In “Exatalon”, when the production informed him that his grandfather and uncle were seriously ill with Covid-19.

Judy, who ran for mayor of Valle de Bravo PRI-PAN-PRD and lost amid electoral violence, Decided to leave “Exatalon” for the sake of news.

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