Most loved and most hated characters face their own fate

Most loved and most hated characters face their own fate

This Wednesday, April 4, Series outer edge its premiere fifth and final season on netflix, In the beginning, Diosito (Nicolas Furtado) may have escaped from Puente Viejo prison with his criminal fate at stake.

His brother Mario Borges (Claudio Risi) resumes his prison business with the prison’s fastidious director (Gerardo Romano) Antin. The pastor (Juan Minujin) is captured again and He writes a book to ease his pain and condemn the penal system, Your title? outer edge, Will there be redemption or doom ahead of lockdown?

Blood, sweat and spirits will be clearly visible, Time jump of three years from the end of the fourth season, All pieces of flashy and crude fiction will stress your reasons for capturing, sharing or ending the power behind bars.

The pastor (Juan Minujin) writes a book called "El marginal" in prison and it becomes a success.  netflix photo

The pastor (Juan Minujin) writes a book called “El marginal” in prison and it becomes a success. netflix photo

From kidnapping to lawyer

In this recapitalization, Fringe 5 The girl who was kidnapped in the San Onofre prison in the first season will also reappear: Luna Lunati (maite lanata,

That would be a circular turn for someone who isn’t marginal. Without the corrupt morals of her judge father, Lunati would become A very sympathetic lawyer with the clergy, who in turn tries to regain his son’s parental authority., Of course, if the courts and new judge Maria Virginia Pinero (Maria Leal) blindly lean in her favor.

New judges of "El Frontier": Maria Virginia Pinero, in charge of Maria Leal.  netflix photo

New judges of “El Frontier”: Maria Virginia Pinero, in charge of Maria Leal. netflix photo

six episodes from Fringe 5 They will move with speed and fiery spirit in Puente Viejo, a difficult balance (until its surprising ending) between the various tales of creatures in conflict. They—and they—will continually come together and deal with their respective hatreds (and the bar’s biased affection), in the service of the patrons of the day ruled by prison and police violence.

translated into slang Fringe 5: Old Bridge. in There will be some deaths, alliances and betrayalsToughness and intramural humor—and even transient tenderness—with various doses.

In this line, those who want to dominate in Puente Viejo, near or far from Borges, are Ariel Staltari (Bardo), Daniel Pacheco Bautista (James), Abel Ayala (César) and Medina (Jorge Prado), chief of Renasidos: Some Religious fanatics taking tithes from workers in pavilions,

Claudio Risi and Daniel Pacheco Bautista as Mario Borges and Colombian James in "El Frontier."  netflix photo

Claudio Risi and Daniel Pacheco Bautista as Mario Borges and Colombian James in “El Frontier.” netflix photo

Who will bow down, go to the front or stay underground? It remains to be speculated whether Diosito will again become a prisoner or will he see the lights of the streets forever.

Referring to his last season, Fringe 5 Wars between clans of prisoners deepen their psychological traces. It’s a black world with red brushstrokes that spread across the screen to the surprise, fear or morbidity of faithful tumblers.

Also, the prison-police-judicial drama completes its political reading by looking outside Puente Viejo (an oppressive world worse than San Onofre). Because Jail is the basement of a society that condemnsInstead of pouring again, what the best lawyers of the rich couldn’t buy.

rotating couple

Bardo, Ariel Staltari’s character in “El Frontier”. netflix photo.

a) yes, Fringe 5 will increase Its narrative effectiveness in relation to the forces, delicate and simple Between the pair swirling (and with a breath for humour): James “The Colombian” and Bardo, sidekicks of veteran Mario Borges, and trying to deal with family revelations piling up outside prison with his brother Diosito .

Another effective pairing—even cutie—is that of Mario Borges himself and director Sergio Antin. With a glass of cordiality and whiskey, they’ll have best dialogues between horror, And the other who claims his power is Caesar, the leader of the Sub 21 gang. Whoever dares to argue with him, knife in hand, will have to face the consequences. But not everything in Sub 21 is as it seems.

Meanwhile, the pastor, former police officer and author reinvented in the shadows (his book outer edge will succeed). He will gain some faith in humanity when he is visited in Puente Viejo by Luna Lunati, the flamboyant lawyer who was kidnapped in the first season and freed from San Onofre.

Sergio Antin, director of the prison "El Frontier", composed by Gerardo Romano.  netflix photo

Sergio Antin, director of the prison “El Frontier”, composed by Gerardo Romano. netflix photo

She tells him: “You saved me, pastor. Now I want to help you get your son back‘ And the pastor looks at him out of the corner of his eye.

as a general producer of outer edgePablo Culle expressed his best wishes for For the irreversible goodbye of the series, and jumps forward or backward without a prequel or narrative. “Of all the moments of the fifth season, I choose the ending”, reveals Culle, partner of Sebastian Ortega Underground Productions.

“You’re going to find a very strong, dynamic and shocking moment, and at the same time close the path of each character Kulel insisted. Now they are seeing not only pure action or extreme violence. It’s more finicky and you’re going to find it closer, which lasts for everything. outer edge,

Jorge Prado as Medina, in "El marginal".  netflix photo

Jorge Prado as Medina, in “El marginal”. netflix photo

Cul analyzes the possibility of redemption for the most difficult characters. “They live to such great extremes that, if they were flesh and blood, it would be very difficult for them to redeem themselves. There are characters that are impossible for them to change and learn”, he says.

history in numbers

camera opening in the current television market, what legacy will he leave outer edgeWith its growing success since 2016 and its explosive presence on Netflix?

This creation by Sebastian Ortega (with .) Israel Adrian Caetano In the original story) this past season has had several managers: directors Alejandro Ciancio and Mariano Ardanz (and Juan Minujin in episodes 4 and 5, and screenwriters Omar Quiroga and Alejandro Quedada among many).

With recurring awards since the first season, raucous enthusiasm among Latin American critics, and detailed comments on social networks (just head to Twitter today to confirm it), it’s worth remembering data that spans the local and continental realm. it shows. outer edge,

Maité Lanata, who was kidnapped in the first season of "El Frontier", returns as a lawyer and seeks to help the pastor.  netflix photo

Maité Lanata, who was kidnapped in the first season of “El Frontier”, returns as a lawyer and seeks to help the pastor. netflix photo

Already the fourth season, which premiered on January 19 this year on Netflix, Ranked second in the global top 10 of non-English speaking TV (21.73 million hours watched). In addition, in its early days it was ranked in the top 10 of Netflix TV in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Amidst the protocol of the pandemic, Filming of the fourth and fifth seasons lasted seven months. In 33 actual locations (courts, avenues, hospitals, cemeteries, etc.) and in 18 locations in the new Puente Viejo prison (built in a former cement factory). And post-production lasted nine months (1,100 people were involved, according to Netflix).

When this fifth phase begins this Wednesday, when the syncopated tumbra cumbia takes place pintafrom L-Gante and Bizarrap (ft. Pablo Lescano)viewers who have seen outer edge From its core, or those who just enter, they will immediately experience the aroma of imprisonment and farewell. A magnet to remember those who were left behind. And by which he was able to breathe till the end.

Marginal 5 premieres this Thursday, May 5.  Here, Caesar and the clergy (Abel Ayala and Juan Minujin).  netflix photo.

Marginal 5 premieres this Thursday, May 5. Here, Caesar and the clergy (Abel Ayala and Juan Minujin). netflix photo.

“was a collection of marginal talents”

“We like to finish high outer edge, Sometimes it happens that people get bored by pulling a success. And it ends up leaving”, in conjunction with founder Sebastian Ortega, subtracting Pablo Culle from the Underground (already within Telemundo) and the series’ general producer.

and continue to communicate via zoom with bugle,outer edge An era and milestone in our television. It was an example of perseverance, but it was also quite miraculous: what was about to happen, no one could have imagined.”

,It debuted on Public TV in 2016. And made it all the way to a blast on Netflix. Fortunately, it got out of hand. success asked us more and more And so we come to the five seasons. we were wondering. It was a big lesson for Underground from production and a way for NBC and Telemundo to see us and acquire us.”

Pablo Culle, creator of "El Frontier".  photo Movilpress

Pablo Culle, creator of “El Frontier”. photo Movilpress

According to Kulel, the most important outer edge It is that “the plot was once very classic. In this world of villains we had heroes and villains. The prison itself was a great hero.”

“Beyond other readings with the theme of justice, the imprisonment of people, judicial corruption, human nature, it’s entertainment. And many people find themselves restless when they see violence in these terrifying places.”

Facing the fifth season finale brooch, Cul expanded: “Stay tuned. In the end there will be a tribute to the series itself, and it will attract attention. I think it had a lot of impressive characters with memorable performances throughout its five seasons.

“El was a collection of marginal talents. From the underground, for us it is the end of one era and the beginning of another. On top of Sebastian Ortega, we leave an impression and a style in everything we produce.”


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