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Reduce the risks of handling weapons on sets

MEXICO CITY.— Manufacturing houses in Mexico will choose to reduce gun handling risks to avoid a tragedy like that of actor Alec Baldwin last October in the United States.

An action appreciated and appreciated by Mexican actors who had scenes with guns on the set.

Plutarco Haza shared that Netflix will be more inclined to digitize some of the scenes that require the use of guns.

“Now there is an order that everything is done by computer, but it’s sad because it was a lot of fun to shoot on stage and do the scenes like in the series’ The Lord of Heaven ‘and’ Where? Es was fire, ‘but you also understand that if a child drowns, you have to plug the wells.

“To take care of us, it’s perfect. The screen effects are so good that they are very compelling, driving in a car or having sharp bullets will never be the same as on a computer, but it’s safer, ”said Haza.

Alec Baldwin shot dead 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun.

“It will be balanced, I think everyone is scared now because the news hit us all but little by little it will relax and we will get to a point where we know how far we have to take care of ourselves and the extent to which it is a problem “exaggeration,” added Haza in the interview.

In 2003 something similar happened in Mexico with the actor Flavio Peniche (Arturo’s brother), who accidentally killed Arturo Velazco, an extras on the set of the film “Juana la Alacrana”.

Because of this, according to Mexican actors, the protocol was very strict even before what happened to Baldwin.

“We, at least in the productions in which I was involved (‘When they leave us’ and ‘Der Drache’) with a lot of weapon handling, we are very careful with such situations. Yes, we are very careful, we are always in suspension, they teach us the guns before loading them, they teach us that the barrel is empty, what kind of bullet they load the cartridge with, you never hear on to see the pistol, you don’t lose sight of it until you deliver it in your hand, ”said actor Roberto Mateos.

“When I had to use guns, there was a specialist who gave you a full demonstration before giving it to you,” said Martina Guzmán, actress in The Year of Fury.

Gaby de la Garza said that she took a course in dealing with these artifacts to learn how to use a weapon well, even to distinguish a real from a fictional one.

“Always before we go on the scene, the person responsible for these things teaches us that the gun is cold and empty. They make sure,” he said.

“You have to go through the formal procedure which is to show you the empty gun, check it from the front, simulate the shot and see that the gun is not loaded,” added actress Regina Blandón.

The actors welcome the decision to digitize these scenes for the benefit of all. According to Alejandro Nones, who recently worked on Who Killed Sara?

“Here I think it’s important that people get addicted to the story, not see if the explosion burned someone or not, or if the bullet is real or not,” said the Mexican actor.

“I think it’s very good (to digitize), security above all, I believe that we will always work on the impulse, the sound and other things from an acting point of view, but I don’t think it’s so necessary after what happened , ”Said the actress Paulina Gaitán, who participated in the series“ Narcos ”(2015).

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Unfortunate episode

Alec Baldwin killed 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with an alleged prop gun while she was rehearsing a scene from the movie “Rust” in New Mexico. We are still investigating how a sharp bullet got to the set.

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