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‘Moonhaven’ trailer: Watch Joe Manganiello in science-fiction suspense series set on the moon (exclusive)

Things are about to turn the other way as mankind turns to the Moon to escape terrible climate change and a humanitarian crisis on Earth in an upcoming series moonhaven, ET has a particularly extended look at the sci-fi suspense thriller, which sees Joe Manganiello, Dominic Monaghan and others navigating life in a utopian colony that is anything but perfect.

As teased in the trailer, moonhaven Center on Cargo Pilot and Smuggler Bella Self (queen of mysteryEmma McDonald), who finds herself accused of a crime and is alienated in a moon-based community, where residents hope to find solutions to Earth’s problems. A suspect, Self teams up with a detective after being sucked into a conspiracy to take control of the community’s artificial intelligence and attempts to destroy Earth’s last hope.


Created by Peter Oko (lodge 49, black sail), the series has an ensemble cast that also includes Amara Karan (doctor who), Islet Zuerer (lose alice), Kadim Hardison (black monday) and Yazmin Newell (the last tree,

Meanwhile, the science-fiction saga, scripts from both Manganiello and Monaghan, marks major comebacks after having previously starred on TV. true Blood And Lostrespectively.


moonhaven Premieres on Thursday, July 7 with two episodes, with additional episodes starting weekly. AMC+,

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