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‘Moon Night’: May Calamawi talks fan theory about Layla El-Fouli and her character (exclusive)

Moon KnightSteven Grant (Oscar Isaacs) tries to uncover the secrets of his second identity, Mark Spector, and his vengeful, masked alter ego. However bubbling up, as a recently fired British Museum worker tries to piece together what he’s learned about the dangers, it turns out to be far more questions than answers.

This confusion is compounded only by the introduction of an archaeologist and adventurer, Laila El-Fauli (May Calamawi), who – as Steven learns when she begs him to sign her divorce papers – also Mark. ‘s wife.

Layla initially does not believe Steven when he protests that he is not really the husband she is looking for. However, as they work together to investigate Arthur Harrow’s plan to revive the Egyptian god Ammit, Steven’s sensitive personality and love of poetry and art help him see the split between the two individuals. He’s pulled into a “weird, complicated position” to understand the key—or, at least, part of it.

Calamawi said of her character, “I love how strong she is, but at the same time, I feel like I get to play the full role of a woman with her.” “She’s strong and she’s up for people and fights for what she believes in, but she’s also really weak and scared. So that was fun for me.”

Moon Knight Calamawi Could Be Oscar Isaac

While Layla El-Foly does not appear in the Marvel Comics canon by that exact name, there are several characters with related names or similar characteristics that fans have speculated that she may be based or adapted. While much is still under wraps, for Calamawi as a performer, he said that doing the show’s stunts and fighting choreography helped him “find” the character.

“First of all, when you’re playing a woman and you want to play an empowered woman, we get confused. We’re like, ‘What is a woman?’ If she is strong and if she fights, she should look like this kind of person,” added the actress. “But at the same time, I’m a really vulnerable person. And all I can do is bring myself into something. I thought it was important. And I realized, I’m someone I can’t play the role of.” I want someone who is one of those things, weak and a fighter and a very intelligent, outspoken person. Just a balance of both.”

Calamawi said it was easy to fall into the show’s mythology, however, once she stepped onto the surprising set. As viewers see at the end of Episode 2, Harrow’s plan is to take Steven/Mark and Layla to Egypt where he plans to resurrect Ammit to judge good and evil within the world’s population. .

The Bahrain-born actress, whose father is Egyptian, said, “I think it’s really important that when it comes to representation, do it very authentically.” “And there’s no better person to do that than [executive producer] Mohamed Diab, who loves Egypt more than anyone I know. He really focuses on nuance and uniqueness.”

“The sets were so epic that I was like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe we get to work [here],” she recalled. “We were given space to work and these sets, what a testament to the set designer who puts so much of his love into it. It only wants to give you back so much.”

At the end of Episode 2, fans learn a reason why Mark is so dead set on protecting Layla and keeping her at arm’s length — and something that will almost certainly cause the pair trouble — of Khonshu. The eye is on him as his next human avatar.

“He’s not really into that,” Calamawi said cryptically, when asked if his character could become an incarnation of the Egyptian god at some point. “She doesn’t think it’s a fair deal.”

Layla, as viewers will know, “goes on her journey, assisting Mark,” the actress explained.

“She starts to trust herself more and stands more in herself,” she said. “And I think as we watch her and see her being completely empowered and confident in herself, whether something’s right or wrong, I just want to see her follow that even more.”

Calamawi Moon Night

And talking about those fan theories about her character—some of which have pointed to Marvel characters like Layla Miller, aka the Butterfly, or Scarlett Scarab, an ancient man on a mission to protect the treasures of Egypt. Harnesses the Power of Artifacts – Calamawi may be a Marvel newcomer, but she already knows how to play perfectly when it comes to the series’ closely guarded secrets.

“They’re all interesting and really exciting,” she said of the theories. “And if it was one of them, it would be really cool. But I can’t say.”

, new episodes of Moon Knight Stream on Disney+ on Wednesdays. Watch more on the series in the video below.

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