Montserrat Oliver se contagió de Covid

Montserrat Oliver is another of the record of celebrities that they caught Covid-19.

The motive force revealed that he did have some signs, however that he managed to face the illness due to the remedy that his medical doctors gave him and the assist of his spouse Yaya Kosikova.

The contagion by coronavirus made it identified in this system The solar rises, the place he shared some particulars of the illness that led her to isolate herself for a couple of weeks.

Montserrat Oliver at conflict in opposition to the “bug”

“I got Covid-19, I just left a little while ago, Thank God it wasn’t too bad for me. ”

“I inform people who find themselves going by way of the identical factor, I consider that many o It would find yourself giving us all, you simply must have a constructive thoughts and never scare you ”, he was trustworthy in regards to the illness.

“Clearly there’s a bug that’s giving us all after which no manner, we’re at conflict in opposition to the bug”, He commented on his opinion of this illness.

With gentle signs Montserrat Oliver

“I rested, I took a lot of vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B, various things, paracetamol to feel better, thank God I did not have a fever, like a flu, a bad flu, tiredness, cut body, muscle pain, but it went well for me ”, affirmed the host of Montse & Joe.

Already recovered from coronavirus, the mannequin introduced that she is already planning a birthday celebration Yaya Kosikova and advised how they’ve managed to maintain their relationship within the midst of the pandemic.

Montserrat Oliver suffered from well being issues

Montserrat born in Monterrey had already spoken of some well being issues, reproduced

It was at the start of 2020 when he feared affected by Covid-19 as a result of he offered a number of respiratory signs, however after a number of analyzes they detected that his organism had a micro organism.

A powerful flu affected the motive force

“On January 3 I got sick with a very bad flu, I got a lot of fever, a dry cough, all those things and nobody knew what it was, we didn’t even know about the coronavirus, it wasn’t the same, it was the same and it was, and I didn’t even realize it … ”.

“It lasted on a regular basis … it took 4 days off me and I felt unhealthy once more, it took off and I returned to feeling congested, headache, chills and ‘I mentioned I am sick of this, do an evaluation’ and it seems that I’ve a micro organism“Montserrat Oliver identified.

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