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Monica opens up about her 9th studio album and country music debut with ‘Open Roads’ (Exclusive)

Monica is entering a new era in her music career and she told ET’s Nichelle Turner it all. The 41-year-old singer joined ET as a guest co-host at Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas, where she opened up about her upcoming album release and her venture into a new genre – country music.

“You know what I did this time, I went back to the idea I had in the beginning, to make music about living and the things that happen in life,” she said on her ninth studio album. says about trenches, “We’ve all experienced a lot over the years and this album is really a sign of its struggle, its love, its triumph, because you know I don’t believe in suffering. I am the winner.”

Referring to her divorce from former NBA player Shannon Brown and the recent loss of her family members, the singer said she is not ashamed to speak about her struggles or pain because “there is someone out there who is listening that she Right in the same place that I have.”

“When you listen to this album, this is what it is,” she adds.

Ever the realist, Monica noted that, unlike artists who “feel like they have to be perfect,” she likes to keep it on line with her music.

“I think my flaws [are] that keeps me connected to people because there’s an authenticity that comes with just speaking the truth to me.” “I’ve always felt that if [the music] It’s true what you really feel so you can make other people feel too. If I’m not there and if I’m not there how can I make you believe this? How can I speak on this? I always make sure that the music embodies the truth of where I have been.”

And while the singer commends her fans for their support, she always reminds them that her music is not an invitation to follow in her footsteps. “Don’t listen to me, just conflict with me. I always say I’m not giving advice, I’m honest enough to tell you the truth,” she notes.

Their upcoming single, “Friends,” featuring Ty Dolla$ignore, drops Friday and according to Monica, it’s about “putting people in their place and handling their own relationships.”

It’s a notable difference from what fans can expect from the singer, as she puts together her highly anticipated country album, open roads,

For fans who wonder where the desire to get into country music came from, Monica revealed that she has been a fan of the genre since she was a child traveling to Dollywood, courtesy of her stepfather.

“My Dolly Parton obsession began — and it hasn’t ended — and what it was, my love for family is really my connection to her,” she shares. “I was in her park when I was about 10 years old and the woman at work said to me, ‘Well, I’m Dolly’s first cousin and she gives us a job, a car, and an apartment, that’s amazing. ” So when I met him and I realized that all these people are related to him and that he has created all this, it has really helped his family and his community, that’s when my love for him in country music started.”

Monica explained that she always sang country songs when she was younger, but was told that “it’s not what you do.”

“But I realized there’s no limit to what we can do and Brandi Carlile said to me, ‘Monica, stop waiting and I’ll help you.’ Since then we have been working continuously,” she says.

The singer shared that she’s also working with artists like Breland and Sean McConnell, and admitted that she was surprised by “different people” who “stepped up.”

The singer made her debut at this year’s CMT Music Awards, where she took to the stage to perform her song “Pray” with Jimmy Allen and Little Big Town. Despite the awe-inspiring performance, the singer (and other black people in attendance, including the award show’s co-host, Anthony Mackie) were subjects. A Vitrial Rent by a Brebart Writer,

It was this voice-deaf rant that inspired Monica to make her country trip permanent.

“I was asked by a reporter to leave and so now I almost stay there,” she says. “Because I do the opposite of what people think and feel. I do what makes me feel good inside.”

And what else would Monica love inside? to reveal some dream support for open roads, Dolly Parton is the ultimate dream, as is Mickey Guyton – who has already announced she would love to work with the singer – and Chris Stapleton.

Fingers crossed for you, Monica!

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