Home Entertainment Mónica Naranjo starts tour of Mexico tomorrow

Mónica Naranjo starts tour of Mexico tomorrow

Mónica Naranjo starts tour of Mexico tomorrow

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- Mónica Naranjo returns to the Mexican stages with her “Puro Minage” tour and plunges into electronic rock with her boyfriend Enrique Bunbury with the song “Ey”, a “demanding” song for her new record material he has entitled “Mimétika”.

“Enrique Bunbury has one of the most versatile voices in Latin music. What’s up with Bunbury? Not even a woman,” the Spanish singer replied with a laugh at a conference from Mexico City on Tuesday, announcing that the subject she shares with her compatriot is a very special mix.

“Many years ago we considered the possibility of working together, but he was with his solo career and so was I. A lot of personal things happened and suddenly one day I found myself composing a song for ‘Mimétika’ called ‘Ey’ – totally vindictive – and I thought, now I can call Enrique”, engrossed the Catalan, who is anticipating the premiere of the Songs is waiting for early February.

Two years ago

In 2020, Mónica Naranjo was in Mexico to celebrate 25 years of career and 45 years of life with her album and tour Renaissance.

The project revisits his greatest hits, among which songs like “El amor coloca” (1994), “Ámame o déjame” (1997) and “Sobreviviré” (2000) stand out.

Now, with the Puro Minage tour, the singer is reminiscing about one of the most iconic and revolutionary albums of her career, Minage (2000), which she explained was a turning point for her style.

“Twenty years ago I had my first major confrontation with a multinational company, I had just debuted ‘Mónica Naranjo’ (1994) and ‘Palabra de mujer’ (1997) and I felt it was about time was making the appropriate music for me and it was like making ‘Minage’,” he added.

Now the singer, accompanied only by a piano and her voice, in Guadalajara, Tijuana, Mexico City, Monterrey and Mérida – on the 13th, 18th, 22nd, 28th place he imagines as his home.

“We should have come to Mexico earlier to present ‘Puro Minage’ but in the end everything was delayed because of the pandemic,” confessed Mónica Naranjo, who assured that she was enjoying the quarantine period with her family and with her connected have new music.

After collaborating with Gloria Trevi on the song “Grande” in 2020, Mónica Naranjo also used her visit to the city to reassure herself that she has more plans with the author of You Didn’t Want To Hurt Me than these are going beyond just participating in a song. “It’s something bigger,” said the voice of Love Places.

However, he said no more and ruled out the possible appearance of Gloria Trevi – or any other artist – on the stage of one of his presentations in Mexican territory, but he also expressed his interest in collaborating with Thalía and Yuri, two women icons of music in Mexico.

Grateful for the chance that life and her fans are giving her, that’s how Mónica Naranjo feels as she talks about her return to Mexico.

just look

Be calm

Mónica Naranjo declined to comment on entertainment and sports stars like Miguel Bosé and Novak Djokovic who have refused to be vaccinated amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He also did not want to reveal whether she was vaccinated.

what’s coming

The Spanish artist said she’s excited for her new album and other projects.

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