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Monica Dossetti’s friend confirms mistreatment of the actress: “She is not in good condition”

After a video was leaked in which the actress Monica Dossetti she was abused by her brother Joseph Dossetti Despite the fact that she suffers from multiple sclerosis, now it has been a friend of hers, the actor Jóse Antonio Iturraga who confirmed all the attacks to which Mónica is subjected.

It is worth mentioning that the authorities have already offered various protection measures to the actress of “The Jackpot” despite the fact that she He decided not to report his brother. Here the details.

Monica Dossetti’s friend confirms that he mistreated the actress

In an interview for Venga La Alegría, Antonio Iturriaga said to be a close friend of Monica Dossetti and noted that he has been in contact with her since he retired due to multiple sclerosis.

The actor confirmed the abuse that the actress suffers thanks to her family, well they would have taken away personal documents like your birth certificate and credit cards, that’s why You don’t have money to see a doctor; Furthermore, he pointed out that they don’t have it in good condition because “they did not bathe her” and they did not buy her the diapers she needed due to her illness.

It is worth mentioning that Antonio also revealed that his brother, José Dossetti consumes illegal substances for some years, as he himself told the authorities.

Prosecutor’s Office offers protection measures to actress Mónica Dossetti

Lto Attorney General of Morelos ordered protection measures to safeguard the physical and psychological integrity of the actress Mónica Dossetti, among which are the removal from the home of his brother José Dossetti from the place where it is presumed that she was raped.

Other measures establish the prohibition to approach or communicate with the woman victim by any means, and likewise, may not approach the address where the events occurred.

The intervention of FGE It happened after a video was shown on social networks in the past in which José is seen trying to hang the 56-year-old actress with a tape, who is confined to a wheelchair derived from progressive multiple sclerosis.

For now, the FGE reported, Mónica will have permanent surveillance by elements of the Municipal Public Security of Tepoztlán, Morelos, as long as the investigation remains open, since until now expert results and work intervention are being awaited. Social.

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