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Mónica Dossetti breaks the silence and reveals why she did not report her brother (VIDEO)

Monica Dossetti, actress of “The Jackpot” and who was allegedly attacked by her brother José Dossetti, spoke for the first time about all the controversy in which he is involved, because a video was leaked on social networks in which the former producer of Televisa, He beat her, insulted her and even strangled her.

It is worth mentioning that the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office opened one research folder against the brother of Monica Dossettinevertheless, The actress refused to denounce him. Even so, the authorities assured that they will closely monitor the case and that the family will have constant surveillance. Here the details.

Why did Monica Dossetti not report her brother? the actress responds

Through an exclusive interview for Venga La Alegría, actress Monica Dossetti confessed the reason why he did not legally accuse his brother José Dosetti who abused her physically and verbally while she was in a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis.

In the audio that they presented on the morning show, the actress is heard speaking with great difficulty due to the multiple sclerosis that has affected her for a long time and confirms that she is living in Tepoztlán at her brother’s house.

“Yes, with the neurologist, I’ll tell you Carlos, it’s that I didn’t have you for the neurologist, he gave me many years ago, but I’m not sure why it hurts a little to talk, I’m not in Puebla, I’m in Tepoztlán right now, I was in Puebla at my mother’s house and I live at my brother Pepe’s house and Pepe Cabello lives opposite, I understand that he published the data on the network “, said.

It is worth mentioning that Pepe Cabello also worked on Televisa and, apparently, is a neighbor of the actress and her brother there in Tepoztlán.

During the audio presented in the TV Azteca program, it can be noticed how the actress of “The jackpot” has a lot of difficulty speaking and it is difficult to string together what she says, however, when she was questioned about how the situation is with her brother José Dossetti, she revealed that they are very bad, but she does not want them to hurt her because he is her “little brother”.

“Fucking, but my brother, it’s not worth it, I’ve already lost one and I don’t want to lose this one, it was the PGR, he came again today, he came at three in the morning at dawn. No, I’m fine, he’s with a new girlfriend, I don’t want them to do anything to my brother, my little brother “, express.

Likewise, Mónica Dossetti did not want to give more details about the possible abuse he suffers at the hands of his brother, but continued to defend him and reiterating that he does not want to report it to the authorities. Finally, in the midst of several inconspicuous phrases, the actress ended the interview emphasizing how much it is difficult for her to speak.

“Son, I don’t have your testimony either, I don’t understand that, but that’s the way it is, Carlos, no, I was always able to help him, all his life, but no one is fine. A few months, like four, I’m sister three and the one who left was named after you, Charlie, no, sorry, I can’t talk cool anymore, attitude, Carlos, Bye”,

Monica Dossetti’s brother explained why he mistreated the actress

It was Uriel Carmona, the attorney general of Morelos,who expressed that personally visited Mónica Dossetti, his family and his alleged aggressor, his brother Joseph Dossetti who revealed that some medications would have harmed their behavior, which led him to react aggressively; He even reported that it is the first time that something of this nature has happened.

“He explained to us that they have difficult times like any family and that day was no exception. The explanation he gave is that he had taken a medication that altered his behavior and his nerves,” he said.

The prosecutor also explained that Monica was directly questioned about whether she was being manipulated by her brother, but the exact denied it and confessed to having a good relationship with his family.

“She stated that she loves her brother very much and that she is happy with the care, but our obligation is to investigate. The doctors will determine the psychological state of Monica and her entire family, “she revealed.

At the same time, he announced that the exactriz does not have any injuries he lives in a “quite decent place”.

“We cannot allow her to be at greater risk later on. She stated that she was very happy with her brother, José, and had a lot of trust in him. We are not going to stay with that version of the facts, ”she assured.

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