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Mónica Domínguez, television reporter, dies at the age of 38

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  • Reporter dies at the age of 38 leaving a great legacy on TV.
  • Comrades mourn the death of Mónica Domínguez Blanco.
  • She was a great journalist for the Mediaset network.

Reporter Mónica Domínguez dies. Once again, the tragedies are present within the world of entertainment, as soon as the eighth month of 2022 begins and they reveal a great misfortune, the readers of Mundo Now have been aware of what happens in entertainment and this is no exception , it has been revealed that a television member.

The unfortunate events for celebrities and public figures do not stop, recently the sensitive news of the death of who was a great reporter was released, her name was Mónica Domínguez who belonged to the Mediaset work team, as pointed out by the portal of the 40.

Dear reporter dies at 38 after facing ‘long illness’

Reporter Mónica Domínguez dies

Through the aforementioned medium, it was announced that Mónica left for another plane at the age of 38, she was a reporter for various programs on the Mediaset chain. According to what was reported by the aforementioned media, the driver died after facing a long illness.

One of her co-workers could not bear the sad news and lamented the death of Mónica Domínguez Blanco, for which she offered emotional farewell words for one of the most beloved and well-known reporters within the Mediaset communications company. Filed Under: Reporter Mónica Domínguez dies.

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